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How to Make a Simple yet Beautiful Garden

A visually engaging garden is an inviting place where you can leisurely sit down and sip a cup of tea. It can be a serene place that can be your place of comfort in times when you seek solace. It can also be a home for your herbs and fruit-bearing plants, making it functional. Nevertheless, here is how to make a simple yet beautiful garden that suits your preferences.

Start from the ground up

In designing your garden, it is best to define your base or the ground where you layout your plants. If you have limited space and you will be using potted plants, a concrete ground or wooden flooring will do. However, if you have ample space in your garden, it is best for your base to be covered in greens. While the upkeep and maintenance of real grass such as Bermuda grass may prove to be tedious, you have the option of using artificial grass. In some regions in the UK, particularly the artificial grass installation in Bournemouth, the shaping and contouring of the garden’s surface are even included, with the addition of an infill material. There is also a wide variety of artificial grass that can be installed, which is categorized as luxury, superior, natural, and urban play.

Use flowering plants

A splash of colour from the flowers will break the monotony of greens in your garden. If you are also after a functional garden, several herbs and vegetables have beautiful flowers too such as rosemary and thyme. You can even choose a certain colour theme for your garden using a variety of flowers in similar hues. Apart from the colour brought about by the flowers, beneficial insects will also be more attracted to your garden, resulting in pollination, as well as reduction of pests in your garden.

Add some garden art

Apart from the plants in your garden, it is best to accentuate with garden art such as an ornament or something that you DIY. These decorative pieces add character to your garden and reflects a bit of your personality. Maybe you can try hanging a bamboo blind as a backdrop or use a certain fabric to a timber frame. Choose a colour that will create a complementing contrast to your plants. Alternatively, you can use colourful pots or other feature containers. This will attract the eye to a certain focal area. You can also use a certain pot that defines a certain statement for your favourite plant and use this as the focal area of your garden. Arrange the pots and plants in contrasting shapes and sizes to create a layout that will give dominance to the plant that you intend to be the focal point of your garden.

garden art

A simple yet beautiful garden is not that hard to plan and architect. Apart from the basics, you may need to utilize some accents to make your garden more pleasing to the eye. Nevertheless, a beautiful garden is truly one that makes the atmosphere pleasant and relaxing.

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