How to Make Travelling Abroad Easier When You Hate Flying

Many people crave holidays but hate the idea of flying. For some, having to go on an aeroplane puts them off going on holiday altogether, and if you are scared of flying, you are not alone. Although there are other alternatives for some destinations, this may cost more and take a whole lot longer than a simple aeroplane trip. If you want to go abroad but you are terrified of stepping onto the plane, or you just hate the whole airport experience, here is how you can make travelling abroad much easier when you hate flying.

Address Your Fears

If you detest flying because you have a phobia of planes, this is something that you need to address in order to overcome it. Some people are scared of heights, whilst others aren’t keen on being stuck in a small space for any amount of time. Talking about your fear is the best way to overcome it. Nobody truly enjoys being sat in a small aeroplane seat surrounded by strangers, but we often put up with it because of what is on the other end of that trip: sun, sea, and sand usually. Knowing what part of flying sends shivers down your spine means you can do as much as possible to minimise the fear.

If it is cramped space that you hate, try and book a seat by the aisle, or think about going business or first class so that you have more room to relax. It is so easy to let intrusive thoughts scare us away from what we truly want to do, but many people get over their fears of flying and travelling with the use of talking therapies or by taking on their fears. When you are flying, use breathing exercises and distractions as a way of fooling your mind to concentrate on something else. When you are worried, you tend to breathe differently, and this lack of oxygen can often raise anxiety levels further. Turbulence often happens mid-flight, so knowing this is often a normal process can help ease anxiety. If fears are truly stopping you from going on holiday, speak to your doctor who may be able to refer you to a mental health team, who can help you with your anxiety and provide you with coping strategies.

Don’t Drink Caffeine or Alcohol

If you hate flying, do not turn to alcohol or caffeine to help you with your issues. Although many people use alcohol as a way to fall asleep on the plane, to get the trip over with quicker, drinking can cause jet lag and lead to feelings of dehydration, making the whole journey worse for you. It will also lead you to need to get up and use the aeroplane bathroom more than once. Both caffeine and alcohol are stimulants that can further contribute to feelings of anxiety and increase your heart rate. It is best to avoid both a few days before you travel. Drinking water and eating healthily provides you with a better mindset, better clarity, and will reduce any upset stomachs.

Bring Plenty of Distractions

The more distractions you have, the less time will be spent waiting around in boredom and having intrusive negative thoughts. Even if you are not scared of the flying experience, many people detest the long hours standing in queues and waiting around, but unfortunately, it must be done to get where we want to go. Talking to your friends, family or partner before you travel means they will understand why you hate the experience and will try and help you the best they can. Music is a key distraction, so setting up a playlist with your favourite songs before you go is one way to keep calm whilst waiting in the departure lounge. Whatever you enjoy doing and distracts you works best. Many people take this time to catch up on a book they’ve been wanting to read, or you may even have college work or other work that could be done in the downtime at the airport. You would be surprised how distracted you can become when you take the time to use your downtime more effectively. If the sounds around you divert you from concentrating on the task at hand, consider taking a pair of earplugs for your journey.

Go Private

If you detest travelling and sitting in airports for hours further add to your anxieties, one option is to use a private jet charter company. This is especially handy for those travelling for business, but private jets can be hired for special events and personal use too. Private jet charter is a great idea to limit the amount of time spent waiting around and to ensure your journey is a lot more seamless. For some, this is the best way to travel to truly enjoy a holiday, and also has the added benefit of knowing you will be sat with people you know.

Paramount Business offers private jet hire for big and small groups; private jet rental costs depend on a variety of different factors, including the travel distance and the size of the jet. If you truly hate the flying experience, private jet charter prices may be slightly higher, but it comes with many advantages and can ensure that you enjoy your trip, rather than dread it. For more information on private jet hire costs and availability, check out:

Using travel time wisely can aid in reducing your hatred of airports, waiting around, and flying. Bring plenty of distractions and ensure any devices are adequately charged. If you have a fear of flying, addressing this beforehand can help and seeking advice may be beneficial if this is stopping you from going on holiday with friends and family. Avoid both alcohol and caffeine before your flight and a few days before if you can. If all else fails, consider going private to reduce the amount of time waiting around for baggage and flights and to provide you with an easier flying experience.

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