How to Mend Your Clothes

Tearing or ripping clothes can be quite frustrating. Occasionally, those tears might be so large that you have no choice but to throw that item of clothing in the trash. However, if your clothing has only sustained a little tear there are some relatively easy methods you can use.

Let’s take a look at a few easy ways you can mend your clothes:

Torn seams

Turn your item of clothing inside out if it’s possible. Now take some pins and pin the tear together. This will help you to keep the stitching even. Begin with a back stitch and finish them around 2 centimeters before and after the old stitches. You’ll also need to replace any extra stitching that used to be there.

Repairing Cuts or Tears

Cuts or tears in fabrics can be repaired by using interfacing. However, there are other solutions that could work better, depending on the type of fabric you’re working with. To use interface make sure you iron it so the fabric is aligned. Then trim away any loose threads. Cut 1 centimeter into each end of the tear.

Now place the fabric face down and bring the edges together. Use an iron’s tip to ensure the interfacing is bonded. Turn the fabric over to make sure the repair is neat. Now turn the fabric over again and iron the interfacing on.

If you don’t want to repair the cut or tear by hand you can always use a sewing machine. You should be aware that using a sewing machine will result in a more visible repair. However, you can use a multi stitch zig-zag or a honeycomb stitch, should you wish to. Make sure you can catch the edges of your repair in your stitching. Simply stitch from the inside to make sure you have a good finish.

Repairing Hems

Hems can easily be repaired by hand. Use fusible webbing if you wish just make sure you place some sort of fabric between the item you’re repairing and your iron. Alternatively, you could use a sewing machine if you have access to one. Use a blind stitch as any other stitch will be seen. Make sure the repair is done well so that your hem is less likely to come undone any time soon.

L-shaped Tears

L-shaped tears can be repaired by closing the gap as much as you can. Simply take 2 pieces of web tape and place them across the hold. Make sure the tapes overlap. As soon as the webbing is bonded, use thread that’s the same color as the fabric. Sew some small stitches across the whole of the tear. Always make sure that the stitches follow the grain of the fabric. This is to ensure that the tear and repair are less visible.

With a little bit of work, you can mend your clothes so they’re almost as good as new. Take your time and concentrate on what you’re doing and you’re more likely to have a good result.

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