How to NOT Procrastinate | A Guide

Exam and essays are a student’s worst nightmare, and procrastination is every student temporary way out. We all procrastinate, but sometimes it can get out of hand. Here’s our guide to stop avoiding doing your work.

The Plan

First of all, you HAVE to make a study plan and it has to look cute, otherwise, it won’t work. Consider your plan your personal art project and no matter how long it will take it has to be done.

The Playlist

Make the perfect playlist. You don’t want to use one those crappy YouTube lo-fi study beats. A good study session requires a good playlist (don’t forget to add some songs you can also boogie to during your break).


You need sustenance before a good study session, right? Go make yourself some food, and don’t worry if it takes too long, you’re just being health conscious.


Actually, start doing your work. Wait, this sentence reminds you of that Netflix show you wanted to start watching? Now you HAVE to watch it, it’s really just an in-depth research. You’re being meticulous.

Power Nap

The most useful tool of any procrastinator, the power nap is the perfect excuse to rest your eyes before having to read pages and pages of notes. Let’s be honest it can span from 15min to 3 hours, but what can you do? When the nap calls the sleepy student replies.

Crisis Mode

After you come back from the land of dreams, it’s time to get to work! Realize how much work you have to do and have a mini panic attack. Honestly, you’re not a true procrastinator if this has never happened to you.


Seriously, start opening those books. Wait, you found a quiz to find out which Disney princess are you? That’s it, you HAVE to take it. Self-discovery is an important part in any young adult’s life.


Okay Okay, this has been fun but now it’s time to get to work. But what’s that noise? Your flatmate is back home! It would be rude not to leave your room to say hi.

Break Time

Honestly, it’s too late now. You’ve had a busy day with the planning, the playlist making and the power naps. You deserve a break.

All joking aside, remember that studying it’s a part of the university life and you should work hard to reach the best possible results. Nevertheless, a bit of procrastination now and then is always good fun.

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