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How to Obtain a Gambling License in the Isle of Man in 2021

The Isle of Man is one of the most unique spots in Europe and the British Isles. It is culturally, historically, linguistically, and geographically different from all the other islands that surround it. The island is smaller than Singapore and slightly larger than Guam, with a population of about 80,000. Outside the UK and Ireland, most people know very little about the Isle of Man and very few people visit it. In order to find out how to choose a place to earn real money, use the functions of the online casino aggregator, where you can choose the most acceptable and comfortable conditions for playing.

IOM gaming license

The Gambling Supervision Commission was established by the Gambling Supervision Act in 2010. It is the only body authorized to issue licenses and works closely with other government agencies. On the other hand, the entire online gaming sector is governed by the Online Gaming Regulatory Act 2001, which has since been amended on several occasions.

Types of IOM licenses for online games

The Isle of Man online gaming licenses generally fall into four groups. OGRA license; Sub-licenses; Network Services License; Licenses for economic and political DR. Of these, the most relevant are usually the OGRA License, Sublicenses, and Network Services License. All licenses and sub-licenses are subject to a £ 5,000 filing fee in addition to the annual fee/taxes.

OGRA License

The OGRA license is the most preferred license for online gaming on the Isle of Man as it allows almost all types of games to be deployed. The standard list of offered games: Bookmakers; Betting exchanges; Online casino games (roulette, blackjack, slot machines, etc.); Live casino; Peer-to-peer games (poker, bingo, backgammon, mahjong, etc.); Fantasy football (or similar); Financial trade; Betting on pari-mutiuel and pool; Network games; Selected forms of lotteries; The OGRA licensee is also permitted to provide services to the sublicense holders. The owner of the OGRA license must pay a fee of 35 thousand pounds per year and the license is issued for 5 years.


Sublicenses can be submitted by operators wishing to integrate games into their online casinos offered by the owner of the full OGRA license, without any investment. The sublicense owner is tied to the specific holder of the full license and should only offer games to the primary licensee. If a company wishes to implement its games, an upgrade to a full license is required. Changing one service provider to another is allowed only in exceptional cases or may require a new sublicense. The sublicense fee is £ 5,000 per year.

License and Network Services

A network service license is required for operators who wish to allow players registered in foreign jurisdictions to join games on the Isle of Man servers without the need to re-register. The owner of the network services license automatically receives an OGRA license, which means the ability to host the same games as the OGRA licensee, and also has the same privileges. The main difference is that the network services license holder will also be able to sign agreements with foreign gaming operators, who can then send their customers to the Isle of Man licensee without the need for new registration.

The licensing fee for network services is £ 50,000 per year, plus £ 5,000 for each foreign operator that joined last year. For example, in the first year, a new Network Services Licensee (X) starts up with a payment of £ 50,000. In the same year, he entered into agreements with two foreign gambling operators to allow their referrals. Now, next year, when X tries to pay the license fee, he has to pay £ 60,000 as two foreign operators are connected to his network. X, however, does not have to pay any fees for any local sublicense holder connecting to its network.

Licenses for economic and political DR

The “Economic and Political Recovery License” is similar to the OGRA license, except that the license holder is not required to begin operations in the Isle of Man unless he wishes and is therefore not required to pay any fees. However, the license holder must inform the Commission before it decides to start work and the Commission will check if any circumstances have changed. Economic and political DR licenses are also valid for 5 years.

Isle of Man Gaming License Terms

The main conditions that must be met to obtain a gaming license in the Isle of Man: a) The company must be registered on about. Maine. b) The company must have at least two local directors who are not legal entities. c) The company must have one Designated Officer (DO) -resident. If DO is not a resident of the Isle of Man, there must be an operations manager in the country. d) Servers for player registration must be located on the Isle of Man. e) Bank accounts used for gambling and trading must be in the Isle of Man.

The actual application for a license of any kind must be submitted to the Gaming Commission with the following data: Registration fee (£ 5,000) and form Personal declaration form containing information from all shareholders of the applicant companies holding more than 5% of the shares, the operations manager, directors, and appointed officers. One judge for each judge/director and a separate judge for each judge.

List of key officials. Business plan. A business plan should usually contain the rules of the game, financial statements, property, website appearance, business model, and banking arrangements. After submitting the application, a comprehensive check of the following parts of the application is carried out: related persons, related companies, financial accounts. There is also an analysis of property rights, terms, rules of the game, internal controls, player protection, business model, and games offered. The last check is done on the appearance of the website and infrastructure. Applications are usually accepted within 3 months. Once approved, websites can work after being verified by an inspection. Immediately prior to the approval of the license, a hearing is held, which must be attended by all key officials, operations managers, and directors of the islands. Operations must be launched within 9 months from the date of issue of the license.


Licensing system for about. Maine includes complex legislation and a number of pre-application procedures. Depending on your choice of license type, experts can help you with the exact documentation requirements and the nuances of the application.

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