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How to optimise the living room space

It might be tough to face, but the average size of a new home or flat is decreasing. The average sitting room size has dropped 1.64m2 in just a decade.

Often, living in a small space can be tough, even for those who didn’t mind it at first. Fortunately, technology is getting smaller, living solutions are becoming more ingenious and Brits are spending more time in social situations outside the home. So, to help you get the most out of your space, we’ve put together a few hints to bring a feeling of spaciousness and comfort to a small home.

Less is probably more

Be wary off overfilling your living space. Think objectively about what furniture you really need. Perhaps consider furnishing it with fewer, but better quality, items. Nothing screams ‘cramped’ more than too much ill-matching furniture. Rounded corners are a must wherever possible.

Also, do you need all those ornaments and junk? A small living space shouldn’t turn into a cramped storage space. Physical media, random objects and clutter add to the chaos, sao try to keep them elsewhere. Or even better, decide if you really need them.

Don’t forget the telly

That awesome 50” 4K TV might be great for watching blockbusters on… but mounting it with a quality wall bracket, which can adjust for different viewing angles, will negate the need for bulky stands. Which could save you a whopping couple of square metres.

Get picture perfect

Badly hung pictures or art can make a room seem chaotic. Generally, the centre of each piece or grouping, should be around 1.5m from the floor – even if you have high ceilings.

Sort out that seating

A corner sofa is great way to get maximise the corner of a smaller room. A fold-down desk or extending dining table which can make the difference to the versatility of your space.

If you’re living in a studio flat, then don’t underestimate the power of a well-built futon or fold-out sofa-bed. This can make a huge difference when friends or family come over.

corna sofa


A well-placed large mirror or two will reflect light and instantly make a room look twice the size. If your room isn’t blessed with natural light, this can bring an instant win.


Painting a room in bright colours or off-whites always makes a space seem larger. Pop in a feature wall as well to create a focal point which will draw the eye towards to it. The best place is usually the wall opposite the door. Resist the urge to go for bold ‘themes’, instead chose colours which complement each other.

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