How to properly measure your finger for a ring

Finding the right fit for a piece of jewellery can be a hassle, none more so than for a ring. Everyone’s hand is a slightly different shape and size, so naturally, a ring has to match whichever of your fingers you intend to wear it on.

There are a couple of methods you can use for finding out your ring size so that when you next go to pick up a new ring, you can feel confident it’ll fit your finger perfectly.

Going into a jewellers

With retail poised to re-open as soon as it’s safe, one of the most dependable ways to get the correct measurement for your finger is by having it measured by a professional.

Jewellery shops will usually offer this service for free using actual ring bands to determine what size you are. Jewellers use a standardised alphabet system to classify ring sizes.

So, if you happen to spot cheap diamond rings you’ll know whether they’ll fit or not based on the size letter they’re given.

Measuring your finger yourself

If you’d rather go old-fashioned and take out the tape measure yourself, you can match your measurements against an online ring sizing chart. Measuring the circumference and diameter of your finger will allow you to get a good sense of where your finger fits on the ring size chart.

Just make sure to measure your finger on a mild day, as cold hands can cause your fingers to be a bit smaller and when it’s warm fingers can swell. An inaccurate measurement could leave you with a beautiful ring you need to return.

Using a ring measuring tool

Some jewellery retailers will offer to post you a ring sizer to aid you in getting an accurate finger measurement. This will either be a specialised measuring tape that wraps around your finger to give you a ring size, or it can be a series of rings you can try on to find the one that fits your finger best.

Matching it against a ring you already own

Using a ring you already have and wear regularly is another way of getting a sense of what ring size you are. While measuring your finger could reveal your perfect ring size, measuring an existing ring you have can give you a useful guide as well.

For those trying to find a ring as a gift for someone else, you can try and sneak a look at a ring they already own to get a sense of their ring size. Just make sure it’s a ring they wear regularly, rather than one they avoid because it’s too big or too small.

It’s important to remember that when it comes to gifts or proposals, it’s usually the type of ring that counts. If you find the perfect ring for your partner, they can always take it back for an identical in the correct size at a convenient time.

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