How to spend your weekends

Too often, it feels like the weekend just flies by and it’s back to work on Monday morning. Mostly, this is because we simply don’t make the most of the free time available to us, and that can only lead to stress. Between 6pm on Friday and 6am on Monday morning, there are a whopping 60 hours to play with, and even if you plan on staying in bed for 24 of those hours, you still have plenty of time to play with. With the high pressure of work in the modern world, you must use the weekend to recharge and refresh. That means planning what you’re going to do with your weekends and making sure that your chosen activities are going to give you the boost you need to get you through the next work week. If you want to boost your brain and body so you’re raring to go on Monday morning, here are 4 different ways to spend your weekend.

Plan your Leisure Time

While there’s a lot to be said for spontaneity, you’ll get a lot more from your weekend if you break it down into chunks so that you always know what you’re doing next. Don’t simply think “I want to do nothing this weekend.” This way of thinking invariably finds you doing things that aren’t helping you to unwind, and you’ll hit Sunday night wondering where it all went wrong.

Have a Nap

Is there anything better in the world than a planned afternoon nap? Not only does a good nap give your body and mind some time to rest, but it’s also very satisfying. Sometimes, just knowing that you have the time to take a nap is enough to give you a dopamine boost, and that’s good news for your sense of well-being.

Fun Sunday Nights

Most people start thinking about Monday morning even before the weekend is over. Sunday night blues are very real, so start scheduling in some fun activities for the final part of the weekend. Load up the computer and spend a few hours of escape. Play some online games, or even learn how to play casino games so that you might even earn yourself a little extra cash to spend on your lunch breaks throughout the week.

Get Cleaning

Weekend cleaning is probably not on everyone’s bucket list, but on a Saturday morning, it can be very good for your downtime to do a burst of tidying. Open the windows, get the music on, and blast your way around your home, getting all of the surface clutter out of the way and the sink clear of washing up. Put on your favourite album, and sing along! Not only will an hour of cleaning mean that you don’t have to worry about household chores for the rest of your weekend, but it also gives you a nice little workout too.

For most people, weekends are sacred. Take the time to know what you plan to do with your time off and schedule activities that are fun, practical, creative, or simply allow you to switch off your brain. The more that you can make of your weekends, the more refreshed you’ll feel when you walk back into work on Monday morning.

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