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How To Stay Safe When Riding a Bike

Riding a bike is something many people like to do, whether this is competitively or for leisure purposes. It can be a great way to keep your mind and body fit, whilst also being an environmentally friendly choice of transport getting to and from destinations. However, it does come with some risks, so make sure to do the following steps in order to help minimise these risks and be as safe as possible when riding.

Wearing a Helmet

The safest way to ride a bike is to always use a helmet – whether your ride be to the end of the street or across the country, anything can happen at any time and it is important to remember that an accident may be your fault either, yet you could still become seriously injured and may need to make a serious injury claim. To best avoid this, wearing a helmet is an affordable and easy step to making it safer, and for some insurance policies, this may be a requirement. You could always get one in your favourite colour or design, to go with the rest of your riding outfit! It is also advised to pair this with any other safety measures such as knee or elbow pads, especially if you are a beginner to avoid injury if you were to fall or have an accident.

Use Hand Signals in Good Time

Try to use hand signals in good time, so that other road users are aware of where you are going and what your intentions are. This is especially relevant if you are making a turn or changing lanes, as it gives traffic enough time to act accordingly. Always make sure you are aware of the traffic and other road users around you, turning back to check your surroundings before making a signal. It is essential to learn to be able to do this without veering off course- try practising down a quiet street or empty car park!

Make Sure You Ride Responsibly

Treat other road users and cyclists as if they are other drivers with respect, as they will likewise to you. Ensure that you are riding safely at all times, and going in the direction of traffic, as it is illegal to ride head on at traffic. Read and look out for road signs, stopping where necessary. Try to avoid weaving in and out of traffic and stick to the left of the road, as this will make it easier for traffic to overtake you, but also ensure that you can be seen at all times. It can often be a good idea to dress in bright clothing when riding, to gain maximum visibility.

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