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How You Could Turn Your Hobbies And Passions Into A Job

Whilst many people are happy working for others in a 9-5 job, others will want to find something more fun. That’s why they look to their hobbies and interests to monetise them and make a living from them. Across this article, you will find advice on how you can make this happen for you.

Plan Ahead

Before you go ahead and do anything, you should ensure you know what you’re doing by planning ahead of time. Consider taking it a step at a time to help turn your hobby into a business, thinking about strategies and researching as much as you can for your passion. Most hobbies will be able to make money In some way, as long as you ensure it’s legal and know that there is an audience for it aside from you.

Make Connections

For you to help transform any hobbies or interests you have into an income; you will need to have others involved. That could be others with interests such as you, or people who work in the industry that you’re hoping to crack.

Connections can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with many of them coming through online platforms, such as social media. It depends on what you want to do with your passion, from creating something to working for someone.

What you could do, is turn your passion from something into a collection. This could be to do with anything, depending on what you’re into. For example, if you’re an art enthusiast, from painting to viewing, you could start collecting different pieces.

Art counts as an investment asset, as there is a big community of people who are interested in the subject, for either personal interest or financial reasons. You can buy pieces and hold them for a time, before moving them on for profit. Even if you don’t sell them, you will own the assets that improve your investment portfolio and net worth.

If you want to learn more about art, then you will need to work with art investors who understand the market, and how to turn your passion into an interest. For example, art experts Woodbury House can help explain the importance of art influencers such as Richard Hambleton, and why investing in his pieces could be of interest to you. It’s a great place to start and will help to grow your art collection, moving from light interest to asset acquirement.

Research The Market

No matter what interest or hobby you have, you should be researching the market to find out what the current state of it is like, as well as how busy it is. You should be doing this to find out where you could fit, as you may become a pioneer of the market if you get established first.

This could also let you find out where you could fit into the market. As well as that, you will likely be able to find out the important people within this industry, which can help build up your connections and even get your name put out there.

Get The Word Out At The Right Time

Timing will be key for you in pursuing your dream job. If you try and get people aware of what you’re doing too soon, before you’ve got started, then people may not take you seriously. On the flip side, if you explore the industry too late, you may have left the door open too long, letting others come in and establish themselves.

Getting the word out can be done in several ways, from telling those around you and in your community, to spread word of mouth, to utilising social media. Social media will be a powerful tool for you, as it allows you to talk about your hobby with those with the interest, allowing you to slowly build a following. Social media platforms such as Instagram will even let you run a business account and shop, meaning your images can be used as purchase links. This also allows you to view analytical data to find out how much you’re growing, and what posts do better than others.

Secure Your Finances

Lastly, before you embark further into turning your passion into a job, you will need to secure your finances. That’s because you could be going into a freelance or independent job, that doesn’t guarantee money straight away, so you will need a soft cushion to be comfortable.

You can do this by putting money aside from your current job, or even by making smart investments that allow you to bring money in steadily. If you have any outstanding debt, you should work to eliminate this beforehand, so that you don’t have to worry about it in the future. This could also allow you to opt-in for better-rated business loans, that look favourably at your finances.

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