How to kick-start your Music Career

On Fri 27 Jan, PRS for Music and the British Academy of Songwriters Composers & Authors (BASCA), will be holding a panel titled ‘It’s all about the Music…Business!’ at Komedia. The panel is part of independent music week and will show the audience how they can kick-start their music career!

The event is open to all. This is a special opportunity for local musicians, songwriters and performers to hear from music industry experts and artists, with hands-on experience about the business side of the industry. The audience will learn what companies such as PRS for Music and BASCA do for music creators, as the panel offers imparting valuable knowledge about the various ways creating music can generate an income. However the panel is not just for those who create and perform music. It will also explore the career options available to those wanting to get into other parts of the industry, such as artist management or promoting.

“We care deeply about fostering the creative energy of local artists and we’re delighted to see PRS for Music, BASCA and Independent Venue Week support this, and the grassroots live sector. It should be a great panel.” stated Tom Brain, programming coordinator at Komedia, a venue that has been a platform for and supporting local talent for many years in Brighton.

Speaking on the ‘It’s all about the Music…Business!’ panel are: Dan Moore (Head of Marketing & Membership at BASCA), Andy Ellis (Education & Outreach Senior Manager at PRS for Music), Jay McAllister (Solo act – Beans on Toast) and Steve Farris (Artist Development at Brighton-based booking agent. Responsible for artists such as The Artic Monkeys, Radiohead and Bloc Party).

“To hold this panel in such a creatively empowering venue during Independent Venue Week is perfectly fitting for the work that PRS for Music and BASCA carry out to engage with and educate music creators. I’m excited to take part!” said panel member, Dan Moore.

‘It’s all about the Music…Business!’ is part of a UK-wide tour led by PRS for music. The event comes to Komedia, Brighton on Fri 27 Jan at 3-4pm. To reserve your ticket and receive great tips about all aspects of the music industry click here.

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