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Huge community programme to coincide with Turner Prize 2023 in Eastbourne 

An ambitious community programme for East Sussex will coincide with Turner Prize 2023, it’s been announced. This will be supported by a £480,000 award through the Arts Council’s Place Partnership Fund, made possible thanks to National Lottery players. 

The series of shows and events coincides with The Turner Prize coming to Eastbourne this year. It will support the Towner gallery and a range of local partners to make a step change in the provision of cultural and creative opportunity in Eastbourne, particularly for children and young people.  

Called Eastbourne ALIVE, the project will seek to empower young people and create a new legacy for Eastbourne.

There will be a wide range of projects and creative activities, along with further development of artistic practice and creative skills in the area. It also aims to broaden access to art and culture through participation in high quality cultural experiences and creative activities. There is an ambition to widen opportunities for Young People to engage with art and culture inside and outside school.  

“I am delighted to be appointed to this project,” said Sarah Dance, the new Director of Eastbourne ALIVE. “Our ambition is to place the town’s image firmly in the hands of Young People, We want to harness their creative energy for years to come.” 

Developing pathways towards creative industry careers will also be part of the project.

Working with Talent Accelerator, a package of skills development & training opportunities at Towner will open pathways towards careers in the creative industries. Including, events for parents/carers about the sector and ways to support Young People into roles. This will build the regional talent pipeline to drive economic sustainability. 

Joe Hill, Director and CEO Towner Eastbourne, said, “Celebrating the once in a lifetime opportunity of the Turner Prize in Eastbourne, we will work with 3000 young people in their places and spaces throughout the town. To foster pride and ownership of their creative town as well as all years 9 in and around Eastbourne. Our partnership will develop creative skills pathways and our public health colleagues will measure the real impact of this work on young people’s wellbeing.”

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