Axel Flovent (Credit - Magnus Andersen)
Axel Flovent (Credit - Magnus Andersen)

Icelandic dream-pop artist Axel Flóvent new album Away From This Dream out now!

His Brighton show will be at The Folklore Rooms on 1st July

With ethereal soundscapes awash with gossamer synths, Iceland’s Axel Flóvent has just released his new album Away From This Dream via Nettwerk.

When we embrace life’s constant forward motion, we absorb natural momentum and ultimately grow; in the same spirit, Axel Flóvent charts his progression in real-time via his artistry. The Icelandic singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer chronicles memories and moments through a combination of folk eloquence and alternative sonic expression punctuated by bursts of magnetic pop. On this, his highly anticipated sophomore effort Away From This Dream, he leans into life’s ebb and flow as he allows his signature sound to breathe and thrive.

Axel Flóvent: ‘I’ve always been a big fan of artists who evolve on each album. I don’t feel limited in terms of what I can do. It’s important for me to be able to explore a variety of sounds to show different sides of myself. I wanted to create an album I could perform with a band for a lot of people at a festival or you could listen to on headphones alone.

Throughout 2023, Axel wrote and recorded what would become Away From This Dream, which was then recorded and mixed in London with British producers MyRiot (London Grammar, Aurora). He expanded his sonic palette with the procurement of a vintage Roland Juno-60 keyboard, and emphasised live percussion, piano, and electric guitar during the sessions.

I was obsessed with the Juno-60,’ he recalls. ‘For the first time, the whole demo process was fiddling with the sound on the synthesizer, coming up with melodies, and singing. I demoed 30 songs and chose the ten best. I was experimenting with more live elements, and I had a lot of fun recording. Before, I primarily had relied on the acoustic guitar. I genuinely experimented here.

Moonlight’ opens with lighter-than-air guitar lines and glistening keys as it builds into a natural crescendo, setting the tone for the album and mapping out its journey. With the easy pace of the next track ‘Don’t Wait For Summer’, Axel’s voice effortlessly glides over the entrancing music, just as it does with previous single ‘Have This Dance’, which explores the thrill of seeing the world anew while falling in love.

Taking a turn into somewhat more complex emotions is ‘Wash It Away’, as explained by Axel: ‘It’s the story of emotional connections to codependency. In the midst of dealing with emotions, difficulties, and dynamics in different relationships, you end up washing yourself away.’ It showcases a more delicate touch to the singer-songwriter’s skills, and is also on full display on the graceful daze of ‘This Feeling’ with impressively layered harmonies throughout the chorus and a barely-there beat.

Axel admits that while driving to the studio to record the album, he would tune into an eighties pop radio station. It is fitting then, that the exhilarating ‘Chasing The Night’ digs into the retro sounds of that era, the first few seconds gently stabbing away before breaking into a pulsing beat and echoed guitar lines weave in and out. ‘Honesty’ follows a similar pattern as a drum machine fades in then gives way to an enthralling melody, while lead single ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ sits comfortably in its place on the album with a warmly tranquil sound and optimistic message.

Album highlight and recent single ‘Asymmetry’ is stunning in its simplicity, as Axel’s vocals soar with an intricate falsetto, yearning for perfection over quietly contemplative piano chords. Finally, the album closes with its sweeping title track, dipping once again into eighties pop euphoria over the excitement of love, leaving the listener on a lingering positive note.

My biggest dream is for this record to stick with you long-term,’ he leaves off. ‘Ideally, it becomes a companion to grow with you. That’s what music does for me.

About Axel Flóvent:

Born and raised in the Northern fishing village of Húsavík, the world initially met Axel in 2015 when he unveiled his independent debut Forest Fires EP. The title track ‘Forest Fires’ eventually gathered north of 74 million Spotify streams and counting. He engaged audiences with his Quiet Eyes EP [2017], Tourist EP [2020], and full-length debut You Stay by the Sea [2021]. From the latter, ‘You Stay By The Sea’ tallied over 5.2 million Spotify streams followed by ‘Tourist’ with 4.7 million Spotify streams. His debut album was met with widespread critical applause, earning praise from The Line of Best Fit, Atwood Magazine, NPR and American Songwriter among many other titles. In 2022 he released the collaborative EP Coexist which featured collaborations with Tusks, Hayden Calnin, Plàsi, and Ciaran Lavery. Having now amassed over 100 million streams and counting, the future is looking exciting for the Icelandic musician.

Having already played shows in 2024 across The Netherlands, Iceland, Germany, Denmark and the USA, Axel has announced a small number of UK shows for this summer. Don’t miss out on the chance to catch this captivating performer live, see dates below:

July 1st – Brighton | The Folklore Rooms – TICKETS

July 2nd – London | West Hampstead Arts Club – TICKETS

July 3rd – Gloucester | Limelight Sessions – TICKETS

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