Root Ayurveda x Indie Wellness

Immerse yourself in Ritu Sandhi, a seasonal Ayurveda retreat for improving your health and wellbeing

When the evenings get darker and the weather gets colder, waving the last of summer goodbye, a feeling of dread washes over a great majority of us. However, transitioning between the seasons does not have to be so difficult. With the help of practices from Ayurveda, we can become more in control of our physical and mental health through these periods of change. You could simply glide out of one season and into the next. Ritu Sandhi, literally meaning the junction between two seasons, will immerse visitors into these exercises, therapies and lessons over a whole day on Sun 24 September. In return, you will have the tools and knowledge to improve your overall health and wellbeing for a flourishing lifestyle. 

Ayurveda is the lesser known sibling science to yoga. It is an ancient science relying on natural and holistic methods to strengthen your mind and body throughout all seasons in your life.

The retreat is the perfect environment to learn about this approach to living because you will be truly immersed in the ideologies of the practice. For starters, it is set in the beautiful location of Knepp Estate, which is one of the UK’s biggest rewilding projects. Surrounded by wildflowers and endless meadows, you will witness first hand how humans are both a part of, and directly affected by nature. What you can see around you, we are made up of those things. When nature changes, so do we. These are the types of lessons you can only fully grasp by stepping away from the daily hustle, and into this unique experience. 

Another advantage to this holistic learning environment is the fact that the lessons can be personalised to you and your needs.

The Yoga Garden

Ayurveda can often seem complicated, but the day will be completely accessible, making the practices and therapies easy to understand so that you can apply them to your everyday life. 

Led by Indie (of Indie Wellness) and Gemma (of Root Ayurveda), these two lovely practitioners and consultants have all the knowledge to ensure you reap the skills and tools you need. You will take part in Pranayama – controlled breathing and energy practice from yoga – as well as self-massage. At the root of the day retreat is insight and guidance to knowing yourself and your body better. Ayurveda allows you to be in control of how you choose to live well and joyfully. The sense of individuality is continued through the personal pulse readings. They will give you better comprehension of your specific needs and changes you could introduce to your lifestyle. 

Food and nutrition is also a key part of the day as you will also discover the power of food, herbs and rituals.

You have the ingredients you need in your very own kitchen for navigating the seasons confidently. Allow Indie and Gemma to show you the recipes! A nutritious Ayurvedic lunch, that will be season specific and cover all aspects of a balanced meal, will be made available alongside lots of herbal tea. 

Ayurveda is a wisdom that will make you feel empowered and connected to yourself, each other and nature. Celebrate your open mindedness to new knowledge with other curious and amiable individuals within the tranquil setting. The day runs from 10am – 4pm and everything will be provided, but you are invited to bring anything that would add comfort (a notebook, for example). Plus, you get to take home a gift bag full of treats and special offers from some awesome small businesses. 

General tickets are £125, but there are also two community spaces priced at £95 for those that would face difficulty in accessing this offering. This includes but is not limited to those that are experiencing financial barriers, those that identify as black, brown or are part of a racialised community, the LGBTQIA+ community, those that live with a disability.

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Gemma also offers consultations, therapies and treatment plans more generally with Root Ayurveda…

“I was experiencing chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, repeating colds, IBS, food intolerances, bad skin, high stress and no emotional balance. From personally using and subsequently Ayurveda for the last ten years, I now know the root cause of the problems and how I can prevent them arising again. I’ve also become a mum in the last three years and have enjoyed using these practices to foster a healthy family life. My ambition is to show you that by integrating ayurveda into your daily routine you can take control of your health.” 

Indie similarly teaches yoga, ayurveda and provides treatments such as facials, and hosts events and workshops through Indie Wellness…

“I support people in reconnecting to themselves and their bodies through all the wisdom found in these practices, some of which are ancestral for me. On my journey of reclamation it led me back to my spiritual roots of Sikhism and ancestral roots in Panjab, India. I found my place and life’s work in Yoga and Ayurveda, without the influence of ego and society and instead leading with curiosity and need for community.”

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