Interesting Makeup Ideas for Wedding Guests

Determining your makeup and final look as a wedding guest can be a challenging task. You want to look beautiful in the event and photographs. At the same time, you don’t wish to dark eye shadow and bold lipstick to avoid any attempt to outshine a bride. If you are struggling with different makeup looks, here are some ideas that can help you.

Peach Pout

In the first step, you have to choose one of the best wedding guest dresses. Remember, your clothing should complement your skin and personality. Play with pastel colours for your dress and makeup. Instead of applying vibrant shades on your lips, choose soft peach shades.

Understated Eyeliner

There is no need to show off your dramatic eyeliner skills for a wedding event. Try to understate your eyeliner by smudging it on lids. A pencil may help you to tightline your beautiful eyes. Fortunately, JJ‘s House has a collection of nude and pastel shades to wear invisible eyeliner.

With invisible eyeliner technique, you can decrease the prominence of your eyeliner. Slowly pull up on eyelids to highlight upper waterline. Fill the inner space with soft colours. In this way, your lasher may look thicker and darker without wearing makeup.

Bronzed Beauty

Do you like harsh contour? This contour is trendy, but it is not suitable for every trend. For a wedding, you have to put contour palette aside. Feel free to carve your face with the use of bronzer. In this way, you will get sun-kissed skin even in the winter. Use a bronzer with some shimmer on the edges of the face. It is an excellent way to warm up your complexion.

Refined Falsies

A wedding guest can wear falsies. For false lashes, it is essential to pay additional attention to your favourite lashes. The voluminous and longest pair can be a cute combination on Halloween. For a wedding event, you can boost the length of lashes instead of volume. Feel free to try a coat of fiber mascara.

Sheer Shimmer

A wedding guest must not wear giant diamonds or a tiara. Leave these options for the bride. You may give some glitzy touch of your overall look. Shine and shimmer in the makeup along with a highlighter, can illuminate your skin.

Rose Gold Makeup

For the wedding, it is not necessary to wear dramatic, bold eye makeup. There is no need to incorporate a few colours in your final look. Rose gold is the perfect eye makeup shade for guests. Use rose gold eye shadow or try liquid eyeliner (rose gold) for a chic look.

Nude Lips

For the wedding season, you can try matte or nude lips. Grab the ultra-matte pigmented nude shade for your lips. Feel free to wear light shades to complement your skin tone. Feel free to toss it into a clutch for mid-wedding touch-ups.

Pretty pastel shades are suitable for bridesmaid and wedding guests. You can pick a colourful, fun makeup trend to rock a wedding. With soft pink, lilac, and light hues on lids, you may outshine other guests at the marriage ceremony.

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