Interview with Bill Strohacker – Graphic Design

Is graphic design becoming increasingly important in the modern age?

2020 was a disastrous year for most sectors of the economy, but the design industry has escaped the worst. This makes sense because with society moving online for most of its activities, every company has become a digital one with the need for great design to distinguish a brand now more urgent than ever. Consequently, graphic designers are more desired than ever before.


It seems like technology moves so fast nowadays. Are the fundamentals of graphic design universal, regardless of what medium you use?

Absolutely. To become a good graphic designer across any medium, you must understand the fundamentals and have a good design process.
The five basic fundamentals are:


Do visual communications have an advantage over more traditional forms of presenting a message?

The advantages of visual communication compared to more traditional presentations is that you can deliver information more directly. In turn, this provides more flexibility than verbal communication. It becomes more attention-grabbing and engaging, and can also make a big impact on your audience and increase the credibility of your message.

Is teamwork and the ability to interpret a client’s needs important when working in graphic design?

A successful design project starts by understanding your clients’ needs. By asking the right questions, you can provide better designs, and working as a team helps with the initial development by bouncing ideas off each other and working through the concepts.

This helps avoid unnecessary revisions, ensuring satisfied clients return to us for future work. Building rapport and respect are vital to a great creative collaboration.


While there might be many talented amateurs, what kind of advantage does professional design training offer?

Where do I start? Graphic design is first and foremost a way of thinking – a craft and as source of continued learning and development. Professional training offers the student an introduction to this by way of the design principles and process.


Are your courses just for beginners, or can they assist those wanting to update skills?

Our courses are equally helpful to beginners and people needing to update their skill set. You could be returning to the workplace after a break, changing careers, or a graphic designer needing to refresh their existing skills and update their portfolio. We can accommodate you with your specific needs.


What kind of successes have your previous students enjoyed?

We have had fantastic success over the past five years with our graduate students working for many different design companies and industries as freelance and in-house graphic designers. Our students have secured jobs in various countries and cities around the world, including Brighton/London UK; Sydney, Australia; New York/Chicago, USA; Vienna Austria; and Gothenburg, Sweden, to name just a few.

What does the future hold for graphic design?

The future of graphic design is going to be elevated to new heights by fusing with augmented reality and eventually, 3D printing. By the same token, augmented reality will also allow designers to unchain themselves from their desks and design on the go or incorporate more real-world elements.
Not forgetting that graphic design plays a crucial role in communicating who you are, what you do, and your unique appeal.


Is talent more important than inspiration?

I think that if you are inspired you become a more creative person. It makes you open to new experiences and gives you the drive to want to work.

Talent can be developed and nurtured to its potential, but without inspiration this is not always achieved.


What are the qualities which make a great graphic designer?

A great graphic designer must be passionate and have drive. Though they must be able to communicate, be curious, imaginative, and apply that imagination to their work. They must be able to take criticism and be good at problem solving, but must also have the patience to never stop learning and seeking new inspiration.


If you think graphic design is your thing, then check out the Strohacker website at:

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