Interweaving Spaces – immersive room installation from artist Dr Gil Mualem-Doron

Interweaving Spaces exhibition, by award-winning artist Dr Gil Mualem-Doron, is a large-scale immersive installation conflating biodiversity with cultural diversity. The installation simulates an underwater kelp forest using over one hundred bespoke textile strips designed by the artist and suspended in the eight-meter-high gallery, film projections and special lighting.

It was originally commissioned by the Sussex Wildlife Trust. The project’s textiles mash-up of dozens of traditional designs from coastal areas around the world that sit near Kelp forests. Including, Britain, the Scandinavian countries, South Africa and North America. Some of the textiles were printed on fabric made out of recycled plastic bottles. Visitors can move through this “textile forest” and dance to the bespoke soundtrack.

The installation includes a large projection on a screen made of dozens of gauze bandages of the dance film ‘Code Red! Code Red!’, created in collaboration with the dancer and choreographer Lya Abdou Issa. The dance sound piece is created around the sampling of the inspirational speech by Barbados prime minister Mia Mottley at COP26. Plus, original rave music and sounds from Extinction Rebellion demonstrations.

The other film, ‘The Calling’ is with the performer Dimitris Galanakis. It is filmed underwater, in a sunken ship, and it is a muse about the mythological Sirens and their role as nature guardians.  The film and a series of underwater photographs documenting the death of corals in the Red Sea due to rising temperatures are shown through ship portholes.

The installation also includes a hidden intervention commenting on the relationship between climate change and the refugee crisis. Plus, a painting depicting the Mona Lisa with the view of her North Italian landscape underwater due to rising sea levels. And an installation created with the outcomes of a creative workshop by visitors to the museum.

Gil Mualem Doron [PDH] is a British/Israeli award-winning transdisciplinary artist.

His work has been exhibited in Tate Modern, Turner Contemporary, South Bank Centre, People’s History Museum [Manchester], galleries, and Museums in Europe and the Middle East. His work is a reflection on social and political burning issues. It is often created with the participation of other artists and communities. Currently, other works by him are exhibited at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich and P21 Gallery, London.

Interweaving Spaces will be on display in Worthing Museum’s Main Gallery from Saturday 12 August 2023 to Sunday 5 November 2023. For more information on this or any of the events, visit or call the WTM Box Office on 01903 206 206.

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