Introducing Bitch Craft

bitchcraft-logo-watermarkAlthough there’s a range of women who’ve pushed dance music forward, it is undeniably still a male-dominated world. Although there’s less misogyny on the scene in modern times, there remains a big difference in the numbers of men and women getting into turn table wizardry. This is understandable when there’s some industrial-scale objectification still festering in other aspects of the scene. Hoping to reverse these trends is Brighton’s new feminist collective – Bitch Craft.

Hoping to inspire women to get involved in the music industry, the collective gives them a creative platform to display their talents. Bitch Craft arose from the love of live music, DJing and the lack of females in the industry. This empowered group of friends includes DJs, promoters, make-up artists, visual artists and musicians. They run a mixed monthly night at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar. There you’ll find everything from DJs and bands, to visuals, clothes stalls, and competitions. The ethos is to create a safe, friendly and equal environment for women to enjoy themselves and promote what they’re good at, whilst remaining inclusive.

It’s proved to be a huge success so far, and their monthly parties are quickly becoming one of the most talked about nights on Brighton’s underground art scene. If you want to get involved, the collective is always looking out for contributors, including DJs, promoters, bands, artists and anyone who simply wants to help. “We want to push feminism and equal rights for women,” they say. “But at the same time we’re not going to throw it in your face, just open your eyes a bit and surprise you how many awesome girls there are out there.” So, if you are keen on inclusivity, challenging the gender gap and living up to the accepting heritage of great alternative music, then why not check out their Facebook page for a full list events and details on how to get involved.

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