Ireland’s Favourite Pastime Activities

Ireland’s Favourite Pastime Activities Everyone Loves

Whenever the Irish have some spare time on their hands, they like to make the most out of it by engaging in some of their favourite pastimes. The Irish are known for their lively spirit and insatiable love for life, and as such, they often engage in different activities that are bound to be fun for everyone who decides to join. If you happen to be travelling through Ireland and you’re looking to immerse in the local culture, here are some of the most popular activities you can try out.

Listening to Live Music

Live music is one of those things that people associate with Ireland since there is hardly any pub in the country that does not have an indoor stage or an outdoor area for live gigs. Pubs are somewhat of an essence of Irish society, as they are frequently visited by groups of friends or family. People go to pubs to have an amazing time, tell funny jokes, and listen to amazing live music. The music tradition among the Irish is largely based on the practice where beloved songs are passed down from one generation to another, usually over a relaxing drink in the pub. 

Playing Bingo

Bingo used to be one of the most popular recreational games in Ireland back in the 1960s, and after a short decline that occurred in the early 2000s, it is getting incredible attention once again. People love playing bingo for many different reasons, including the exciting game options it carries, the thrill it comes with it, as well as its strong social component. However, the sudden increased demand for bingo has roots in the emergence of web-based platforms where players can access various different games at any time they like. All they need to do is browse some of the best sites with online bingo Ireland has to offer, pick the one they like and start playing on the go. 

Drinking Afternoon Tea

Even though the afternoon tea tradition has been present in the country for a very long time, it is important to note that its origin is connected with one particular invention, and that is gas lighting fixtures. As soon as people got a chance to stay awake for a longer period of the night, they also started having dinner much later than they used to before, which created an inconvenient gap between lunch and dinner. As people started getting quite hungry, they discovered that a nice cup of warm tea paired with a quick snack can postpone the next meal for a few hours. 

Wild Sea Swimming

Nothing matches the adventurous spirit of the Irish like a session of wild sea swimming, and this activity is pursued by the locals all year round. True fans of this exciting pastime easily find incredible spots they can dive in, but some of the most popular ones are certainly the Greystones in Wicklow and the Forty Foot in Dublin. Basically, almost all the beaches on the west coast are worth giving a shot at, and the experience gives an incredible boost of adrenaline.

Morris Dancing

Derived from the rich 15th-century Moorish traditions, this lively folk dance is a favourite activity for many individuals in the country. In fact, the rhythm of the drums, bells, and clanging sticks can hardly leave anyone indifferent, just like the dancing teams where each member moves to the vibrant beat of the music. Leaving Ireland and not seeing at least one Morris dance performance would truly be a pity. 

Having a Pint of Beer

The Irish appreciate having a pint of different beverages, but beer definitely takes the lead here. Be it the legendary Guinness, a bit of Lager, Bulmers, or some kind of a local craft beer, gathering for a pint of their favourite is one of the things that keep the Irish together, whether it’s a weekend thing or a simple dose of relaxation after a busy day at work. Moreover, craft breweries have become a huge deal in the country, and some locals go out with their friends with the intention to try a different flavour each time. 

Taking Road Trips

As we all know, Ireland is full of scenic drives that can easily take one’s breath away, and hopping in a car for a fun road trip is still one of the favourite pastimes of the Irish. As a tourist, there is no better way for you to explore the natural beauties of this incredible country than to take a ride through some of its outstanding routes. 

Visiting Ireland is surely part of almost every traveller’s wishlist, thanks to the country’s rich culture and breathtaking sights. On top of that, engaging in the activities mentioned above can make any visitor feel like a true Irish.

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