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Is Working From Home Causing You Nightmares?

Many things have changed in our day-to-day lives since Coronavirus began to spread across the globe. At present, we have to follow social distancing regulations out in public, opt for an elbow bump over a handshake when we greet our loved ones and wear a mask when we’re inside shops or on public transport. A lot of us have to work from home too, with no confirmed date about going back to the office.

Following the second UK lockdown announcement on November 5, 2020, data from the Office for National Statistics showed that the number of people working exclusively from home rose from 21% to 24%. If you are working from home, you might be missing the process of getting ready in the mornings, daily interaction with your colleagues, and working in an environment that isn’t your living room or spare bedroom. You might also be missing a good night’s sleep.

75% of UK Office Workers Admit To Having Workplace-Related Nightmares Since Working From Home

According to a survey carried out on 1,000 UK office workers by online printing company, instantprint, 75% of respondents stated that they’ve been experiencing workplace nightmares since working from home. Perhaps quite shockingly, one in five also admitted to thinking about quitting their job because of these dreams.

Business card and banner printing experts instantprint also asked a psychologist for her opinion on the increase in work-related dreams. Dr Sarah Jane Daly stated: “For many of us, Covid-19 has brought work into our personal spaces. We think of home as a place where we can relax and shut out work-day stresses and strains. The fact that many people work from home now, means that our homes have become literal places of work.

Kitchen tables, coffee tables, beds, sofas – all places that were once stress-free and now sites of work-production. Getting away from work has never been so difficult.”

Can Our Weird Dreams be Linked to Coronavirus?

Another trend many have been obsessed with since Coronavirus first hit is the widespread experience of vivid dreams, also now known as ‘qaurandreams’. Because of the huge adjustments that we have all had to make to our lives, as well as the stress that has naturally come with the global pandemic, many of our sleep patterns have changed.

According to The Sleep Council, there are a number of reasons that we might be having vivid dreams, and these include a fluctuation in hormones and sleep deprivation. If you are experiencing these, there is nothing to worry about. Instead, try to completely wind down before getting into bed, and practise mindful breathing once you’re tucked in and comfortable.

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