Jade Moss Only U

Jade Moss provides the perfect soundtrack for a quirky vintage boutique

Only U is the second sass-filled single taken from ‘Backbone Woman’, the forthcoming debut EP from vintage-pop soulstress Jade Moss.

Already an established entrepreneur in the world of fashion, having seen her build partnerships with leading high street brands, as well as owning her own bespoke boutiques all over the UK and Europe, it seems there is no stopping Miss Moss.

With 2021 seeing her fashion empire collide with her passion for music, Jade is now well on her way to becoming a staple figure in the world of retro pop. Having amassed over 225,000 streams on her previous single Hey Babe, Jade’s distinctive style and husky vocals capture an essence of nostalgic glamour, with some describing her voice as a hug to the soul.

Citing her key musical inspirations as Etta James, Grace Jones, and Lauryn Hill, the influences of these iconic artists interweave through her own unique sound, creating a soundscape of soul, R&B, and pop music sensibilities.

Jade describes the track as a perfect representation of identifying the fear of finding sudden love and exploring inner self-expression and acceptance”, a snapshot of the themes and motifs that will be unravelled in ‘Backbone Woman’. As a strong female with a Gucci suitcase filled with life experiences, you can hear the authenticity in Jade’s voice. Her depth and relatability are what resonate with her listeners, her unapologetic persona capturing the realness of herself and her music.

With Only U providing a teaser of what’s to come from Jade Moss, be sure to expect a sea of songs that encapsulate love, joy, strength, and the importance of self-worth – something we probably all are in desperate need of right now.

You can listen to Only U on Spotify, and follow Jade on Instagram.

Jade Moss Only U

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