Javier Encina at Simon Webster Hair

Javier Encina gets technical at Simon Webster Hair Salon

Specialist in textured and afro hair

When did you become a professional hair stylist and colour expert?

I trained as a hairstylist thirty years ago in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and have worked across Europe for the last twenty years.

You currently work out of Simon Webster Hair salon in the North Laine. How long have you been there and how do people book an appointment?

I’ve been at Simon Webster Hair since 2014 – with a break for a short time when I went back to Spain. I’m a freelance Brand Ambassador at SWH and do styling for magazines as well. Clients can book in with me directly or via the salon.

You specialise in Afro and curly hair. Is that unique to the area?

When I first came to Brighton ten years ago, there were hardly any salons that specialised in textured hair types, especially afro, which was surprising for me because Brighton is such an inclusive city. That’s one of the reasons I joined SWH; because I liked that inclusive ethos. I firmly believe that every salon should cater to all hair types. Now I’m pleased to say that there are more salons who work with curls.

Did you offer this in other places before?
Can anyone book or is it just Afro and curly hair that you do?

I’ve always worked with textured and curly hair. I have curly hair myself and working in Buenos Aires and the south of Spain, it was commonplace for clients to have curls.

But it’s not all I do – I am a colour specialist with a degree in creative colour and have worked with many different brands over the years.

I most enjoy doing colour transformations where I can create a bespoke colour for my client and finish it off with a personalised cut to complete the whole look.

What have been the hardest hurdles to overcome over the past few years?

The pandemic was a massive challenge for all of us. Especially in the hair industry because it’s a very personal and intimate service so face-to-face contact and communication is really important. As well as that, it impacted on general safety policies, like needing to re-skintest every client in case of an allergic reaction.

Our industry is always evolving, so it’s important to educate yourself in the new techniques and trends more generally. I like to challenge myself to always develop my skills and experiences. Probably my biggest challenges have been as an educator or presenter on-stage – having the courage to speak to an audience rather than one-on-one with a client.

Javier Encina

Do you run any offers this time of year and how busy are you? When is best to book an appointment?

November can be quieter because people are thinking ahead for Christmas. But by the middle of the month, you can feel the December rush starting to build.

I’d always recommend booking in advance so you have plenty of time with your stylist and time to think ahead and plan what you’d like from the appointment.

And if you’re having a colour service, then first you need a consultation. It’s a complimentary, commitment-free appointment where we can spend some time talking about your lifestyle, likes and dislikes. Then we match the colour service and finished look to your hair type and exact needs.

Express yourself!

Hair is one of the most visual ways we can express ourselves every day. It’s our crown. And so it’s really important to look after it and to have a style that makes you feel great about yourself. I’ve had clients ask for colours before that I know will damage the hair or won’t work with their style or face-shape, so I always try to offer my professional advice and give them the best service possible.

Using the best products is just as important, in-salon and at home. At SWH I use vegan, ammonia-free and PPD-free products that I know will protect the integrity of the hair as well as producing beautiful results. Services with me start at £50 and I offer students a 15% discount, as well as a 15% thank-you discount to all those NHS workers that really got us through the last couple of years.

Instagram: @javier_encina_hair @simonwebsterhair

Bookings: www.simonwebsterhair.com

Simon Webster Hair: 16 Gardner St, Brighton, BN1 1UP

Bookings: 01273 605577

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