Jerry Sadowitz comes to Komedia

The monster without a Loch, Jerry Sadowitz returns to Brighton’s Komedia on Wed 23 Nov. With his unique combination of comedy, hatred and card tricks this is a rare chance to see an act who’s not ussually in the public eye.

Whilst being one of the world’s finest sleight of hand magician, he’s almost built a fearsome reputation for his confrontational and irrepressible brand of comedy. While it veers occasionally into pure misanthropy, something which has deterred all but the boldest TV execs, the rants never cease to be utterly inventive and hilarious.

But what will the show be about? Last week it was about how much he wanted Beth Tweddle (?) and how teeth braces interfered with the metal plate in his head (?) This week it could be about the Higgs particle. One thing’s for sure, whatever he says, it will be ripped off.  Except the card tricks… You have to be bloody good to do those!

Support from close-up magician Caspar Thomas.

Jerry Sadowitz comes to Brighton’s Komedia on Wed 23 Nov 2016

Jerry Sadowitz’s Facebook page


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