Joy-Spreading AI “Cari” Champions Mental Health and Wellbeing

“We are on a mission for global happiness, that’s what we’re about!”

Take a look behind the scenes of award-winning wellbeing AI through an exclusive interview with Maria Paviour, the creator of Cari.

An Artificial Intelligence, “Cari”, has been providing personalised advice and access to 21-days coaching programmes. Maria Paviour, Director of Wellbeing with Cari is on a mission to support the nation and spread positive mental health.

AI Cari provides a link for people in need to reach the right mental health support, at the right time, and in the right way. Cari can analyse the tiny nuances in answers that people give to her during the consultation which cannot even be distinguished by a human. She has an accuracy rating of 92%. Since the launch, they have also witnessed an 8% boost of wellbeing in a certain workplace.

Maria Paviour, when asked about how Cari functions, said: “She doesn’t ask cognitive questions alone, but also asks you to review your emotional state. Looking at how we’re feeling as well as what we’re thinking, she can put it together and get an accurate picture of where you’re at.

“For us, it’s not asking what the question is, then saying, therefore the answer is… What we’re saying is that information combined with all of the other data we’re collecting can give us a picture of how you’re feeling right now,” she added.

With meticulous scientific research of about 25 years, Cari is devised to fight the important wellbeing issues undergone during the pandemic such as stress, anxiety, low mood and fear by providing instant relief and support to the people. It started off in 1996 as a wellbeing survey and later evolved to a fully sophisticated Artificial Intelligence.

Cari offers free access to individuals, with confidential and protected online support. She provides expert, personalised online wellbeing support, empowers you to take charge of your mental health and maintain the high levels of positivity and resilience that we all need during these perverse times. Cari the Wellbeing Robot works 24/7.

From essential workers who face the difficulties and stress to keep us safe to remote workers who are doing their bit to keep providing us with the services, from people on furlough who are facing the quandaries of work to the family members with the pressure of the continued lockdown, Cari is free wellbeing support for all kinds of people.

On the topic of local businesses using Cari, she said: “We are very happy to talk to people about how we can support them. Cari is a great way of helping your staff. We’re working with small businesses which may have only 50 people working for them, but they can’t possibly afford to have any counselling support.”

Founder Maria Paviour used her specialist background in biology and psycho

logy alongside her understanding of how to actively stimulate the brains neurochemistry to promote positive mental health to create Cari.

Championing individuals to take control of their wellbeing by providing logical, unbiased and bespoke support through AI-enabled personalised surveys that are fully GDPR compliant; Cari is the only engagement survey to measure both cognitive and emotional responses while diagnosing her users’ wellbeing.

Seeing beyond a brave face, She is able to determine subtle nuances often hidden to humans, providing individuals with the tools to better understand their relationship with their mental health, while managing stress and anxiety. Using intelligent algorithms to ethically analyse mental health, she gives perfectly timed recommendations.

When asked about Cari’s role, Maria said: “Cari knows her limitations, she is a robot. She’s not human and her job is not to take the place of human beings, her job is to help people get the contacts and connections which are essential for wellbeing. She will never replace a psychologist but she can get you the help and acknowledgement you need to access that support.”

Wellbeing-boosting ideas include Maria’s proven BENDs or ‘brief emotional non-verbal displays’ which are simple 2-minute exercises that provide a prompt lift to the mental state whenever and wherever a person needs it.

Scientifically proven to stimulate the brain’s neurochemistry with posture and physical movement, BENDs are designed to provide people with an immediate empowering lift. This has already begun on TikTok with a new dance using BEND Movements to boost your mental state with your body whilst having fun. Follow @wellbeingwithcari on TikTok here.

With a real duty of care, the support doesn’t stop there; people who are truly struggling during the pandemic and may need extra support can also access evidence-based 1 to 1 coaching through their free access to Cari. This is a particularly valuable feature for key workers, 46% of whom were already struggling with wellbeing in the workplace before COVID-19.

Talking about the future of her company, Maria said: “When there is a culture where it’s okay to be vulnerable, it’s okay to say I don’t know or I’ve made a mistake because we learn from that. When we can create these sorts of cultures when that’s what the world is actually like, then I might actually consider retiring.”

To try Cari and a range of other wellbeing support for free visit

Visit for more information about the science behind Cari and a case study involving Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust.

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