Kool-Aid Acid Test at The Prince Albert

Get down to The Prince Albert on Weds 24 May for a healthy pint of groove and a double shot of funk! Featuring Kool-Aid Acid Test, Halcyon Crossing and Colerik playing their eclectic styles of music, this is gonna be one funky night!

With Kool-Aid releasing their first single, and coming back to their favourite venue so far, they’ll certainly have something to say, sing and play to their ever beautiful crowd. With a three-piece horn section, drums, bass, guitar and vocals, plus whatever else they can throw in there, this funk/soul/reggae outfit is just itching to get their skank on, and hope you are too.

The support form Halcyon Crossing is an interesting blend of electronic instrumentation, progressive jazz and super groovy beats. With one gig under their belts, a single release on the night shortly followed by an album, and loads more material, the hard working duo are gearing up for a big night.

Colerik is a lyrical master with a flow to match it. The 18-year-old MC has already played with Kool-Aid, who were so impressed they asked him back – not only because of his important lyrical content and phat beats, but because he knows how to get you moving! It’s an immersive performance, and his use of language gives an insight into the life of a young person in the modern world.



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