Take a journey with us into the murky depths of the fiercest seas and seek out the legendary Kraken. Breaching through tides of spice, caramel and other natural flavours, the mighty Kraken – Brighton’s favourite black spiced rum – arises.

For four years now – fresh from the shores of the Caribbean right here to those of the UK – Kraken Rum has been making its mark all around our seaside town. Witness the majestical creature at The World’s End on London Road (below), peer at its ferocity in the gardens at the Thomas Kemp in Kemptown or if you’re brave enough, spend the night with it at the Kraken Suite in Hotel Pelirocco, Regency Square.


The Kraken Rum takes its name from the mythical sea beast, which is said to have wreaked havoc with tall ships and rum-running vessels throughout history. To that end, the result of a night out with The Kraken rum is said to be similar to the experiences of those sailors who have gone eye-to-eye and toe-to-tentacle with the giant creature – They are happy to have survived and are looking forward to ROUND TWO.

The Kraken’s proprietary bottle is a replica of a Victorian Rum bottle and features two handles – allowing for easy portability (as well as potability). While the smooth taste of The Kraken rum certainly lends itself to be enjoyed as a sipping rum, it also works well as a key ingredient in a number of rum-based cocktails.

One of the city’s talented mixologists Lucy Piper – bar manager at Avenue Bar and Restaurant on Church Road, Hove – created a tasty concoction exclusively for all BN1 readers. Bow if you will, to Kraken’s Wrath – a delicious blend of Kraken Rum, fresh lime, spiced cranberry and cinnamon syrup, chilli and ginger beer

Kraken Rum

Kraken’s Wrath Recipe – A perilious take on the classic Dark and Stormy

First make 35ml Spiced Cranberry and Cinnamon Syrup, using :
1 cup Sugar
1 cup Cranberry Juice
1 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Five Spice
2 Cloves

Bring the ingredients to the boil then reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Let the mixture cool, then strain for a warming, spiced syrup.

Then mix with:

50ml Kraken Rum
½ Squeezed Fresh Lime
1 slice Red Chilli
Top up with ginger beer
Lots of ice

Kraken black spiced rum is available at The World’s End, Thomas Kemp, Hotel Pelirocco, Regency Square and discerning off licenses




Avenue Restaurant and Bar, Hove

© 2013 Proximo, Jersey City, NJ. Please drink The Kraken Rum responsibly.