Kymara ft. Bobbie Johnson

Kymara ft. Bobbie Johnson – Home review

Home is the first single of 2021 from Brighton-based neo-soulstress, Kymara. Featuring fellow Brightonian rapper and producer Bobbie Johnson, the track is the newest release from the citys independent music label and home of the vibes, QM Records.

The track begins with a laid-back guitar riff, followed by Kymaras meandering harmonies and beautiful breathy tones. Sitting here listening, I can imagine lounging in Brighton Pavilion gardens during warmer months with the world gently passing me by. The sound of Kymaras soothing vocals certainly provides the perfect soundtrack to a lazy summer day.

This feeling seems to go hand in hand with the sentiment of the song, with Dutch-born Kymara detailing how she feels homeis not a physical existence, but an emotional one instead. The opening line of Home is where the heart isproves just that – you can travel the world, settle somewhere other than your hometown, but still feel grounded and content. To Kymara, its the people she surrounds herself with who make her feel at home, and the close family bonds she shares with her loved ones all around the world. Its these attachments and strong ties that make her feel this way – the perception of home presenting as an imaginary scrapbook of memories in her mind.

Home is a song made with love, trust and the feeling that we as humans are more than just skin and bone. We are entities that absorb all of our life experiences, relationships and emotions, with these elements shaping us into who we are.

So, wherever you are in the world, put your headphones in and listen to Home. While youll instantly fall in love with the subtle instrumentation, thoughtful lyricism and liquid gold vocals, youll also begin to question your own concept of home. With Kymara’s idea of residing in a spiritual neighbourhood built upon memories, kindness and laughter feeling more tempting than ever, theres no doubt this track will take you there.

You can follow and listen to the Kymara on distrokid

Kymara ft. Bobbie Johnson

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