Latest cinema releases – June 2016



The rising talent of Melissa McCarthy continues to redefine how we look at female-led comedy. The Mike & Molly star plays a disgraced capitalist icon that gets caught insider-trading, whilst Kristen Bell takes on the role of her harassed assistant. Emerging from prison, this vile boss is intent on rebranding herself as America’s latest sweetheart. But not everyone she previously screwed over is so quick to forgive and forget. Expect loads of slap-talk, deviousness and the greatest Girl Guide riot ever committed to celluloid. Overall this teaches a lesson about humility, understanding and how to be obnoxious with unparalleled zeal.

Latest cinema releases - June 2016INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE


Director Roland Emmerich won many of us back with his wonderfully ludicrous, terrorist battling White House Down, so now it’s time to revisit a classic. Two decades after the first invasion, Earth is faced with a new extra-solar threat. Mankind’s been busy tooling up, but will the shiny new space defences repel the bug-eyed alien scum onslaught? Will Smith was unavailable for more alien punching and cigar smoking. So Jessie Usher fills in as the absent Captain Hiller’s son, joining Liam Hemsworth, Joey King, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Sela Ward. There’s a female president, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman make their return, and stuff will certainly go BOOOOM!

Latest cinema releases - June 2016ELVIS & NIXON


Two of the 60s’ most resolute, if not popular, figures come together in one very strange meeting. The only photograph of their meeting is the most requested item from the US National Archive, more than the Constitution or Bill of Rights. Michael Shannon presents a screen-filling version of Elvis, while Kevin Spacey portrays a suitably crumpled Nixon. One is seeking to become a ‘federal agent at large,’ reportedly so he can carry guns and drugs with impunity, the other finding a spare 30 minutes in his hectic schedule. Director Liza Johnson demonstrates a change of pace here, in this breezy and slightly comic glance at this most curious of encounters.

Latest cinema releases - June 2016ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS: THE MOVIE


There’s still some glamour left in austerity Britain it seems. Edina and Patsy are still shopping, drinking and acting horrendously in London’s most chic clubs. But now they’ve been blamed for a ‘disruption’ at a fashionable launch party. The resulting media storm sees the pair relentlessly pursued by the paparazzi. They flee to the French Riviera, where they hatch a plan to make their escape permanent. But of course life in the glamorous playground of the super-rich won’t be so easy for this loud-mouthed PR and her only true friend. Plenty of the original characters return, as well as a deluge of celebrity cameos.

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