Latest Gaming Releases November 2016

So what if you’re about to lose a whole week to these brand new gaming releases?

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Release Date: Fri 4 Nov
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Love it or hate it, Call of Duty is back with Infinite Warfare. Developers Infinity Ward bring the world of CoD into outer space – take control of Captain Nick Reyes of Special Combat Air Recon in the new single player campaign. Spanning across the solar system, your aim is to take down the Settlement Defence Force… To be honest though you will buy this for the multiplayer! CoD’s new iteration is a fast-paced, frantic and insanely popular multiplayer, introducing combat rigs acting as classes, and hundreds of new weapons to unlock and customise. The infamous Zombie Mode will also return as ‘Zombies in Space’ with cameos from the likes of Seth Green and David Hasselhoff.

Dishonored 2dishonored-2
Release Date: Fri 11 Nov
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Set 15 years after the events of Dishonored, Empress Emily Kaldwin has been dethroned and her country thrown into chaos. Choose either Emily or Corvo Attano and use stealth and supernatural abilities to traverse each level in a number of different ways and work to retake the throne from this unknown usurper. Dispatch your enemies in lethal or non-lethal ways using time manipulation, possession, swarms of rats, shadow clones and a new ability know as Domino, exclusive to Emily, which links several enemies together. Once one character in the link is taken care of, the others share the same fate. Some really stylish and satisfying takedowns can be pulled off in this game!

Pokémon Sun and Moon
Release Date: Weds 23 Nov
Platforms: Nintendo 3DS

Are you ready to ‘Catch ‘em all’ again? Following the huge spinoff craze that was Pokémon Go, original developers, Game Freak are back with the next game in the main series. Set on the Hawaii-inspired tropical island region of Alola, Sun and Moon introduces a huge number of new features such as Pokémon in their drastically different Alola forms. The addition of the Poké Finder allows you to take photos of your Pokémon and, as the games set are 12 hours apart from each other, Sun will use the 3DS time while Moon will be set 12 hours ahead allowing you to find Pokémon that prefer night or day.

Final Fantasy XVffxv_tgs
Release Date: Tues 29 Nov
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One

Set on the world of Eos, The Kingdom of Lucis is under threat from the Niflheim Empire. The heir to the throne of Lucis and his three companions set off to defend their homeland and reclaim the kingdom’s crystal back from the evil empire. FF15 boasts a sprawling open world with seamlessly integrated battle situations and swaps out the turn-based combat of previous titles for a real time action-based battle system. In this, up to four weapons can be selected from during battle that then change your play-style on the fly, which is a huge departure from the classic Final Fantasy formula. It’s been a long ten years in development but Final Fantasy XV is finally here.

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