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Lean Budgets and Concerts at Brighton Dome Are NOT Mutually Exclusive!

Have you ever wanted to attend a concert or performance but when the tickets went on sale you simply didn’t have the funds to buy them? Most people with limited disposable income don’t set a budget for entertainment and so they are left out in the cold whenever their favourite group hits the stage at the Brighton Dome. Actually, lean budgets and concerts at the Brighton Dome are NOT mutually exclusive. Here are a few ways you can have your cake and eat it too. In today’s urban lexicon that would read, “You can enjoy your concert and afford it too”. Here are some ways to do just that.

Revamp Your Budget NOW

No one can work all the time without any leisure activities. That’s insane! While you might stay at home watching television on the weekend or go to local parks and nature walks to get out of the house because they are free, that isn’t all there is to life. Yes, they are lovely and peaceful, but what about that bit of spice you need in your life? The logical thing to do would be to take a long look at your budget as it now stands. There are probably several places where you can cut back by a few pounds so that you can allocate those funds to a new column, entertainment.

Be Ready to Make a Few Sacrifices

If even after revamping your budget you find that you still don’t have enough for tickets to the concert of the year, you might need to make a few sacrifices to gather the much-needed funds. Usually, you are given advance notice when the Brighton Dome tickets go on sale, so save your lunch money for a week or two and bring a sandwich and a thermos of coffee to work. Put that money you would have spent on lunch at the café away and by the time the tickets go on sale, you’ll hopefully have enough to cover the cost.

Gathering the Last Few Pounds

If that happy day arrives and the tickets are set to go on sale but you still don’t have quite enough, you might be able to find a lender to advance you the necessary money needed to grab those seats! You can do an online search for cash advance lenders or payday loans online, but there is an even better resource at your disposal. Why not check out the Cash Lady website that lists a lot of lenders who deal with cash advances and short-term loans. To find out more about this type of loan, click here. (Continue skipping lunch and within a week or two that loan will be repaid!)

When All Else Fails

Finally, when all else fails, you can always wait until close to the date to buy tickets from someone who suddenly isn’t free to attend. There are a number of resellers but many of them charge more than the face value of the ticket, so beware of scalpers! P2P sales are better by a long shot! If all the above fails this time around, you know what to do next time. For even greater savings, check for discounts, coupons and voucher codes and if the only affordable seats are farther back, then you’ll need to settle for those. Just know that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Concerts at the Brighton Dome and lean budgets really are NOT mutually exclusive.

Words by Jenny Hawkins

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