What would happen if the law of gravity was to suddenly change?

A stunning visual illusion comes to The Old Market, on Thu 17 – Sun 26 April, which propels one performer on a mind-boggling journey, reminiscent of Fred Astaire’s timeless ‘ceiling dance’ in 1951’s The Royal Wedding.
LEO is the unusual journey of an otherwise ordinary man whose world becomes physically unhinged. When we discover Leo, he is alone with just a small suitcase, whiling away time in a simple room. As time passes Leo becomes increasingly aware that all may not be what it seems. Leo’s reaction to his situation evolves from alarm and insecurity to curiosity and eventually to playfulness. He not only begins to enjoy his situation but finds new and ingenious ways to exploit it.

LEO is a solo physical theatre piece that challenges our sense of gravity and reality through the clever interplay of superlative acrobatic performance and high tech video projection. Universally appealing to adults and children alike, this is the funny, intriguing and moving story Leo.

From the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to New York, Moscow and Hong Kong, the multi-award winning show LEO is a one man, one-of-a-kind physical theatre piece that defies theatrical convention as brilliantly as it does the law of gravity. Jaws will drop as LEO takes “off the wall” to a whole new level.

Travelling to the UK specifically for this run at The Old Market, LEO promises to be a highlight of the venue’s spring season. It will also be the longest-running show presented at TOM since the venue’s re-launch in 2011 [just a month ahead of its birthday, in May 2014.]

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