Liberty music PR turns seven

Since its inception seven years ago, Liberty Music PR has been a transformative force in the music industry. Rising from humble beginnings on the Brighton music scene, it was the brainchild of visionary entrepreneur Bee Adamic. Today, it stands as a global platform, working with artists from all corners of the globe.

Now boasting a diverse team of over 40 freelancers, Liberty Music PR has carved out a reputation for championing independent musicians around the world. Through comprehensive offerings such as digital PR, TikTok promotion, radio plugging, and playlist optimization, the company seeks to empower artists, facilitating their independence and eliminating the need for a record label.

Liberty Music PR’s dedication extends beyond musicians. The firm also strives to connect Artists and Brands with their target audiences, using innovative and engaging campaigns.

This interview offers an in-depth look into the inner workings of Liberty Music PR and explores how Bee Adamic’s pioneering vision has developed over the years.

Now celebrating 7 years in business, how did Liberty PR come about and what were the initial hurdles, if any?

It was by pure chance and frustration for what we had experienced in the music industry! So as an artist manager I’d worked with lots of PR agencies and labels and always felt like they just weren’t’ fully dedicated to the music and giving us the service we deserved. I mean sending an email blast is never going to work. You’ve got to really work as an independent artist. I discovered this for myself, when I took that role on myself and when the results started flying in was the minute Liberty Music PR was born and my very first client was the mighty Normanton Street. Thank you for trusting me on your music guys. 

But honestly it takes passion, hard work and a real interest in the music to get amazing results which is what we do at Liberty Music PR and what I look for in my team members. 

Initial hurdles were no one knew us – so forging relationships took time and patience. We got there in the end!

How does Liberty Pr approach PR for a new artist versus an established one?

So it’s so different. Independent artists can be much harder to push, because most of the time we are working on debut singles etc. So the person on the receiving end, such as the journalist won’t have heard of them. So it takes a super punchy press release and subject header plus your relationship to get them to give it a listen. With established artists the expectations are a lot higher but the doors are definitely easier to push open. 

Could you share some successful campaigns you’ve managed for music artists?

We’ve got soo many, but I’ll give you a flavour from just the last month.  So we recently did a campaign for a band called Sidemen – we landed them so much support on radio from the likes of  Radio 1 and 6 music, we landed them so many editorial placements on Spotify. I think their track is currently racking up millions of plays on Spotify.

Lauren Laverne recently played our artist My Ugly Clementine on Radio 6 which was a big win for us. Another artist we are working with called Soft Velvet Lounge who are completely brand new we got them support from 7 editorials as well as an H&M instore music support. That’s mega for a new artist and they were ecstatic. 

How do you keep abreast of the ever-evolving music industry landscape to ensure your clients stay relevant and gain exposure?

You always have to be ahead of the curve, we were onto TikTok as a tool to break an artist a few years ago, before most people were using it. It’s such a great medium and pretty easy to achieve to hit viral wins. But artists have really got to ensure they have enough music to see through a full 12 month campaign and apply strategy. Putting out one single here and there is never going to work. Take your time, write your music then start to think about your approach. 

How do you leverage social media and streaming platforms in your PR strategies for musicians?

Spotify, Apple and Deezer are all part of our normal services as well as using Shorts and TikTok to build awareness around an artist. They are crucial in a fully integrated promotional release campaign.

What methods do you use to measure the success of your PR campaigns for music clients?

For us it’s a number of things – Are the artists happy with the service? This is ultimately all that matters to us. But usually it’s based on a few things like; are the press pieces we’ve achieved bespoke and creative? Did the playlists we landed actually have real potential fans of the artist? Is the TikTok influencer we’ve matched with the artist creating a genuine fit with the music, and in turn, more followers and fans to the artists page? 

How do you handle crisis management within the music industry? Could you share an example?

We’ve not had a crisis to manage as such yet. Thank goodness. 

What’s your approach towards event management, such as album launches, concerts, and music festivals?

Always make sure you are creating the most appropriate event to suit the artist. You need to make sure the setting is perfect, the venue is appropriate, that everyone is feeling looked after. Then the key thing is making sure it’s promoted across the most suitable channels and getting people through the door and buying tickets is crucial.  No one wants an empty gig room!

How does your company help artists build their image and brand in the industry?

We do this through supporting them with understanding what are their core values and brand pillars. We help them come up with 3 core values they stand by and then start designing the communications and press release around this. It’s so crucial.  

How does your company approach international PR for artists looking to break into markets outside their home country?

Global press campaigns are what we do. We believe all artists should connect with fans on a global level. So we have solid relationships throughout all the key music markets globally and offer all the services for an array of global regions. 

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