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Local artist Lily Rigby hosts solo show at ONCA

Brighton local Lily Rigby launches a very special solo show at ONCA gallery in November.Lily Rigby

The artist, who specialises in delicate oil paintings, heavily influenced by landscapes and the sea, creates such organic pieces of landscape art via a unique process, making her work something to be proud of. With every brush stroke, every layer of colour, comes a piece of her memory.

Having showcased her work at Bristol and throughout West Sussex, it feels only appropriate to display them close to where her influences stay strong. With paintings such as Brighton Sky and Sea Sky, her paintings will feel more at home than ever in this Brighton gallery.

Rigby prides herself on her love for the sea. Its importance to her and her work comes as no surprise, as a resident of Brighton. lily Rigby She reveals in one of her blogs on her website that “living so close to the sea is so inspiring”. Her paintings, renowned for their turbulent and chaotic skys, portray depth and ambiguity in the landscapes she has visited.

Her most recent show, LIMINAL LIGHT, was held at The Old Brewery Gallery during the Hungerford Arts Festival over the summer. Reviews said her work was “above the ordinary” and embraces semi-abstraction. We expect the same connotations during her stay in the ONCA Gallery, and with new, unseen works on the agenda, there’s no
room to disappoint.

The solo show has been a result of a crowdfunding campaign, and Rigby has told us that some gallery sales will be
donated to Surfers Against Sewage. A charity working with communities to protect oceans, waves, beaches and marine life. So as you visit her new exhibition this coming November, not only will you be introduced to a local artist, but you will be helping Rigby give back to what has given her so much inspiration throughout her artistic career.Lily Rigby

Check out her work on her website:

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