LIVE: Hinds at Concorde 2, Fri 20 Apr


Hot off of the back of the band’s recently released sophomore album, I Don’t Run, Madrid-based all-girl indie rock band Hinds hosted a Friday night party at the Concorde 2. Hinds have been making waves since their inception as a full band in 2014, their debut record, Leave Me Alone bringing them to the attention of audiences globally. Internationally acclaimed artists such as The Libertines and The Vaccines took Hinds on world tours, catapulting the group’s popularity and helping them perfect their live show. Compared to Hinds’ debut, I Don’t Run is a more heartfelt and emotional journey: the new record brings with it tracks that fit well into Hinds’ laid back yet lively set and gives their performance a more dexterous edge.

The quartet are made up of vocalists Carlotta Cosials and Ana Perrotte, who also play guitars, as well as drummer Amber Grimbergen and bassist Ade Martin. Each member showcases their bubbly personality on stage, all looking relaxed and jovial as they played through upbeat songs from the new album. Tracks like The Club and Echoing My Name were particular highlights, receiving positive reaction from those in attendance. Cosials and Perrotte shared vocals throughout the night, seamlessly bouncing off of each other and harmonising beautifully together. Instrumentally, the band were tight and coordinated – both vocalists often broke out into guitar solos, visibly losing themselves in the music whilst Martin’s basslines weaved in and out of Grimbergen’s adept drumwork.The group would dance and sway together in a line whilst performing, jokingly pointing their guitars like guns at the crowd in unison. Hinds had fun on stage, both with each other and members of the audience alike, often taking little breaks here and there to catch up with the crowd and have a chat.

“Brighton almost feels like Madrid to us,” stated Cosials, mid-way through the band’s set. “We feel at home here, everyone has been so nice!” She recalled how they had spent the day with a group of fans on the beach, enjoying the weekend sun whilst drinking all day. Football chants of memorable guitar melodies reverberated around the venue during songs, Cosials explained that their Spanish fans react similarly – comforting the band, who have been far from home for a while.

Hinds’ sound suited the aestival atmosphere, their beach vibes were soothing and nonchalant, peppered with lo fi guitars and topped with soft vocals. The more aggressive tracks such as Tester displayed a punkier side, incorporating tempo changes, shouted vocals and a thin distortion that let Martin’s bass shine through. Hinds added some covers to their set too, Caribbean Moon by Kevin Ayers made an appearance, alongside a rendition of The Headcoatees’ Davey Crockett.

In the final few tracks of the night, the band loosened up even more. The group brought their tour manager and crew members on stage to play instruments for their recent single, New For You, letting the girls freely sing and dance along whilst holding a beer each, dancing across the stage and interacting with the crowd during the almost karaoke style rendition. Cosials gracefully surfed her way across the crowd before returning for Hinds’ finale, San Diego, arguably one of the most popular tracks off of the band’s debut.

Hanging behind Hinds throughout the night was a flag, it read: “…and we came here to rock”, by the end of the night the statement certainly proved correct; Hinds truly showcased their talent for writing pleasant, bubbly and upbeat indie, as well as more reserved and sensitive tracks all whilst performing in an easygoing, exciting and utterly compelling fashion.

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