photo by Branislav Grebečí BGR_6691s
photo by Branislav Grebečí BGR_6691s

Live outdoor immersive performance and cinematic experience platforming Brighton’s music talent comes to Jubilee Square for one night only

For one night only, on Thursday 15 July, Brighton’s Jubilee Square will be transformed into an immersive cinematic experience, featuring live performances from some of the city’s outstanding rap and hip hop talent.

Phonetic, Bobbie Johnson, Hutch and M Kudo will perform against the backdrop of a powerful documentary about their lives in a city which they feel doesn’t represent them. The footage – previously seen at Lighthouse’s audio-visual exhibition during Brighton Festival – will be spliced and diced live, creating a one-off unique experience.

Co-commissioned by Lighthouse and Brighton Festival, Informals II is the brainchild of Russian-Dutch artist duo Polina Medvedeva and Andreas Kühne who between them work with film, sound and young people to explore and reveal non-conformist ways of living.

The exhibition, and now the live performance, have grown out of a residency at Lighthouse in 2019, during which Polina and Andreas set out to explore and document Brighton’s youth and sub cultures.

What they discovered was a thriving music scene being driven by young people, with support from charities such as Audio Active, who feel alienated by politics and their representation in the media, striving to create their own cultural space in the city.

Polina and Andreas developed a relationship with a number of local artists at the heart of this scene, going on to collaborate with them to create The Informals II.

Phonetic is an artist synonymous with the city’s thriving hip hop scene known for her mic skills and unwavering creative drive; Marshall Mandiangu (aka M Kudo) is a singer-songwriter, dancer, music producer and energetic live performer; Bobbie Johnson is a rapper/producer whose work featuring conscious thought and social commentary has gained her the reputation as the new age voice of hip hop. Ollie Hutch is a visionary piano player and rapper.

M Kudo
M Kudo

On 15 July, using film footage and sound captured from across Brighton to create an audiovisual instrument, Andreas and Polina will present a live-scored immersive documentary with club atmospherics, collaborating with four of the city’s music artists to develop tracks especially for their appearance.

The Informals II is a really special project, with deep roots in the city and its music and youth communities,” says Sian Habell-Aili, Senior Producer, at Lighthouse. “The collaborations, care and focus on elevating all the artists featured and involved is at the heart of what Lighthouse strives to represent through our programme of work with young creatives.

As we emerge a little dazed from the past year, this moment of re-connection is vital, and we’re really proud to see all the hugely important voices involved in this work platformed in the heart of Brighton.”

A playlist has been created featuring work by all the artists, which can be found here.

Informals II Live takes place in Jubilee Square, Brighton BN1 1GE on Thursday 15 July, 8.50-10pm. Tickets cost £2, and this contribution will support Lighthouse and Audio Active to continue working with young people in the city. To find out more and book a ticket, visit:

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