Mask lockdown fashion

Lockdown Fashion: The Ultimate Outfit during social distancing

During social distancing, we still need to get dressed every day, even if it is just to stay in the house. So what should we wear if we’re staying indoors, and only popping outside for essential food shops or one form of exercise?

Well think athleisure mixed with casual streetwear, pretty much anything oversized and comfortable seems to be the ultimate look. And thank goodness that jogging bottoms, matching tracksuits and oversized sweatshirts are all on-trend because it really saves the worry of having to change to go outside. Instead, you can remain in your lounge clothes to go anywhere and no one will do a double-take at your outfit. So leave the jeans in the wardrobe because of the comfort of joggers or yoga pants are all you really need right now.

If you do want to change it up a bit now is as good a time as any to get out all your summer clothes and wander around the house or garden in them. Especially on the warmer days we’ve been having because you never know what the weather will do next. So whilst you have the chance, take advantage of it and dress like it’s summer.

When it comes to actually having to leave the house though, should we be wearing face masks? 

Well the usual masks you see, surgical masks, don’t actually provide a seal around your face from airborne particles, they do however provide a barrier against you transferring the virus from your hands to face or from large droplets and splashes of fluid.

But don’t be too worried if you aren’t using one, according to the World Health Organization if you’re healthy you only need to wear a mask if you’re taking care of someone suspected to have the virus, or if you yourself are coughing or sneezing.

If you do want to use something but can’t get hold of a proper surgical mask, you can use other fabrics as a barrier instead like scarves, DIY fabric cloths and bandanas. 

The thicker the fabric the better and thin fabrics like old t-shirts or bandanas should be doubled up to better protect around your mouth and nose. There’s plenty of online guides to show you how you can best DIY your own face mask.

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