University Student

Looking After Your Body at University

Going to University can be an especially fun time in a young person’s life. While you have lived for 18 or more years under the rules and regulations set by your parents or other carers, now you have the freedom to come and go as you choose, living independently and autonomously.

This independence does come with some risks. You are more likely to be exposed to situations that can have an adverse effect on you and your body. It is better to prepare for these now, rather than be caught in an untoward situation later on.

One example of this is, for smokers, to switch to a high VG e liquid and vape instead, rather than keep smoking. This will keep you away from most of the toxic chemicals or scratchy throat feeling, but still allow you to wow the crowds with your smoke cloud party tricks.

The rest of these examples can help keep you safe as you learn to become independent.

Avoid Drugs

It can be difficult to say no to people, particularly when you move to a new city for university. While making friends and expanding your social circle is a good thing, spending time with people who take drugs is not positive. This can lead to problems with your studies, expulsion from your university, or even a criminal record, not to mention the countless dangers you would be putting yourself in depending on what you take.

It may be best to avoid those who promote this lifestyle and, instead, find likeminded individuals to spend time with who will only have a positive influence on your life.

Use Protection

Going to university can, for some, mean venturing into the world of sex too. It can be easier to find a partner, either for a long-term relationship or simply for the night, when you no longer live under your parents’ roof. While this may make you feel more mature, it can lead to some nasty infections or diseases, as well as pregnancy, if you are not careful.

It is advisable to not have numerous sexual partners or to engage in intercourse with someone that you do not know well. If you wish to disregard that, it is up to you, however, the most important part of engaging in consensual sex is to ensure that adequate protection is used.

While pills and implants can help to stop you or your partner from becoming pregnant, barrier methods of protection such as the condom have a higher success rate at also preventing some of these sexually transmitted illnesses.

Drink Responsibly

Drinking culture can also be a large part of university life. Here, it is vital that you try to drink responsibly. Take note of how your body feels, and stop before you lose control of yourself. Never drink and drive, as this can cause great harm to both yourself and others, and is illegal. Also, it can be wise to never leave your drink unattended on a night out.

Going to uni doesn’t need to be scary. If you make positive life choices, both you and your body will be all the better for it.

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