Looking for some indoor family fun time this summer? This twist on a classic game could keep everyone entertained

Popularised in North America before heading over to UK shores, one of the nation’s favourite pastimes has been played in bingo halls across the country but now, following the online revolution, like most things, everything is pretty much online.

If you’re looking for things to do during a family get-togethers over the late summer and want to break out the bingo, but also want to try something a bit different, then consider getting everyone involved in 75-ball bingo.

The adults can sign up at host of themed bingo sites, and take advantage of free online bets no deposit, whilst other family members can play free games that require no money to be wagered or they can even just kick-back and watch their grandparents compete to be the first to shout Bingo!

What is 75 ball bingo?

75 Ball Bingo starts when numbers between 1-75 are called (or displayed on the screen). Once the numbers start rolling it’s time to dab off the corresponding number on your ticket. Tickets for 75 ball bingo games usually feature a 5×5 table, with the centre square kept blank, or sometimes labelled ‘FREE’.

One of the biggest advantages of playing 75 ball bingo is that the variety of winning patterns is endless. Before the game starts look out for the winning pattern which will be clearly displayed, and it could be a shape like a star or even a letter.

If you’re concerned about keeping up, the leading online bingo operators have auto-daub features whereby you can let the computer do the hard work and mark off the numbers automatically.

The first player to mark the winning pattern will be crowned the winner and you will normally see a message indicating how much they’ve won.

Games take place every few minutes so if you’ve just missed out it won’t be long before you can try again!

75 Ball Bingo Prizes and Jackpots

Owing to its popularity, UK bingo sites offer a plethora of 75 ball bingo prizes and jackpots. In most cases, the prize pot is dictated by the number of players involved, and how many tickets have been purchased, so it’s worth being strategic and working out the best time to play at your chosen bingo site. The more cash in the prize pool, the higher the chance of winning big!

75 Ball Bingo Tips

Look out for bonuses You’ll be pleased to hear that bingo sites offer a superb array of promotions for both new and existing players. If you’re new to the world of online bingo, check out some bonus offers and take advantage of some free bingo bonuses that are up for grabs. Always keep a look out for loyalty promotions too such as matched deposit and reload offers.

Brush up on the rules: The rules of 75 ball bingo are usually the same wherever you play but with operators constantly striving to innovate it’s best to check individual game rules at your chosen site.

Play close attention to deposit and withdrawal information to and always check the jackpot total!

Buy more tickets: More tickets? More chances to win; it’s that simple. Rather than playing with just one card, it may be better to purchase a strip so you can ensure all numbers between 1-75 are covered.

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