Block Bar in Kemptown

Looking for the perfect spot to start your spring? Here are our Top 10 Beer Gardens in Brighton & Hove

Ready for that first pint in the sun? We are too! Let’s say good bye to the rainy days and start embracing the best pub gardens our stunning city has to offer. From city favourites to boujee bars, here are our top 10 beer gardens in Brighton & Hove.

Hobgoblin – Round Hill

Starting off with a tried-and-true frontrunner, Hobgoblin boasts a bright and lively beer garden. This is confirmed by none other than the Brighton Bartenders Association, who named it ‘Brighton’s Best Beer Garden’ in 2017, and with good reason. Don’t worry about getting bored, there’s even an escape room, should you find yourself looking for a new activity. You’ll find it full most evenings. It’s the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon or begin a night on the town. With plenty of space, for a few of you or many more, Hobgoblin is a very ‘Brighton’ spot to grab a drink or two.

Sidewinder – Kemptown 

Sidewinder comes in strong with two beer gardens alongside its funky interior. It is a great location both in the daytime and evenings. With a vast and constantly changing selection of craft beers as well as a whole host of interesting spirits to try, Sidewinder makes for another perfect night out setting. If you’re in Kemptown and looking for a somewhere comfortable to spend an afternoon, this is the place to be. Another fantastic representation of the eclectic energy Brighton has to offer.

The Lion & Lobster – City Centre

A cosy, and some may even say challenging pub to navigate. The beer garden and terrace at The Lion & Lobster is a snug space in the centre of town where you’ll find craft beers, cocktails and shots we bet you’ve never heard of. As you make your way through the maze, you’ll find the multiple-storied building includes a pub, restaurant and the terrace. You won’t be at a loss when choosing where to sit. Although it is small, the two floors of the terrace will keep you comfortable. There is plenty of seating for you and your group.  If you’re on the hunt for some traditional pub grub or a modern rendition of the classics, The Lion & Lobster has you covered. 

The Oculist – The Lanes

A more recent addition to the Brighton bar scene, The Oculist is located in The Lanes. It is a modern yet casual bar with a beautifully lit roof garden. The menu features all your favourite cocktails, as well as some bespoke Brighton specials. Further, find an extensive selection of spirits, wines and beer. You’re spoilt for choices when you enter The Oculist. Whether it’s for food or drinks; their Sunday roast options cover all bases, with the daily menu taking inspiration from East Asia. Take a seat on the top floor of the garden for an airy, sun-filled experience. Or, sit one floor below and for an intimate drink or two. The Oculist is also a popular host for many DJs, so keep an eye out for new music events every month.

The Grand Central – Seven Dials

The Grand Central sits in an ideal spot directly next to Brighton railway station. Whether you’re just visiting for the day or you’re a local looking to venture out of the city centre, this may be the right place for you. The inside shows off a traditional pub atmosphere with hints of modern design thrown in. The roof garden is the perfect complement.

An open and colourful space, the garden at The Grand Central makes for a quaint escape from the hustle and bustle of the train station. If you prefer to people watch, take a seat on the tables on the pavement outside the pub. Get a pint in while you take in the buzzing atmosphere. During the summer months, The Grand Central hosts a number of events. These include dance classes and live music, so don’t pass up the opportunity to learn something new, and reward yourself with a drink while you cool off on the terrace. 

Le Pub (The Paris House) – Hove 

Less of a garden and more of an outdoor space, Le Pub, also known as The Paris House, offers live music nearly every day of the week. These include open mic nights and jazz quartets. Here, you’ll find patrons drinking and dancing on the streetcorner. You’ll feel transported to summer, no matter what time of the year it is. Le Pub sticks to adored classics when it comes to drinks, so you’ll have no trouble finding something you know and love. Take a glance at the fully French menu, grab a drink and sit outside in Le Pub’s charming adaptation of a beer garden.

Block – Kemptown 

With its bright pink walls and artistic vibe, Block in Kemptown is a contemporary bar with an easy-going outdoor area. Totally open-air and with zero obstruction, the garden at Block is the ideal spot to bask in the sun or enjoy a cocktail in the colder months. With a focus on natural wood and vibrant colours, you’ll feel at ease in their so-called ‘sanctuary’. Browse their meticulously devised wine list, or menu of carefully crafted cocktails, and even grab something to eat after being drawn in by their charcoal oven. Don’t be fooled by its small facade, because the experience you’re in for is one to be excited about.

The Open House – Round Hill 

For a little trip slightly out of town, hop on the train to London Road railway station. Visit The Open House, a lively pub with a warm atmosphere. We are sure you will be wanting to stay for ‘just one more’. A great place to grab a cocktail or one of Brighton’s favourite beers, and relax on a cool summer evening. The huge beer garden is made for comfort, with heating and covers for the colder months or longer evenings.

The Park View – Preston Park 

The Park View, as the name suggests, is in the picturesque Preston Park area. It boasts a beer garden with not one, not two, not even three, but four levels. Enjoy a pint during the week or if you’re lucky with the weather, try one of their Sunday roasts in the sunshine. The garden is a huge space, welcoming families and large groups. It is perfect if you’re looking for a drink or two away from the city centre. Pop in for a meal or the Park View pub quiz, and celebrate your win in the comfort of one of the many seats in the beer garden.

The Mesmerist – The Lanes 

Last, but not least, The Mesmerist, located just a few minutes from the Brighton seafront. Open for bottomless brunch and evening drinks, The Mesmerist has everything in one place. This includes two outdoor areas. There is the roof terrace, and the makeshift beer garden on the ground floor, ideal if you want to be in the midst of the Brighton nightlife. The variation of live music events adds perfectly to the ambience of the bar. It has become a key spot for partygoers on the weekends. There is always something going on at The Mesmerist. If the weather allows, sit on the terrace for a break from the commotion of The Lanes and take a few minutes to enjoy the sea breeze. 

Pub gardens aside, we also have plenty of festivals to look forward. Check out line-ups from Secret Garden Party or The Great Escape

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