Lordi at Concorde 2 review

Well as a heavy rock /metal fan I would have never thought that I would say that I wanted to go to see a Eurovision song contest winners concert…But Lordi from Finland did in fact win the contest in 2006 and have just finished off their ‘Tour Force One’ tour with ten dates in the UK The last date of the tour was at Concorde2. The tour was supporting Lordi’s seventh album ‘Scare Force One’ released last October.

Lordi are a five piece Finnish hard rock and heavy metal band, formed in 1992 and were inspired by the great stage costumes of KISS and shock horror themes of Alice Cooper.

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The evening started with support act Hollywood Groupies a female fronted five piece band from Italy, who also have a female lead guitar player. They gave a super performance of heavy hard rock with a melodic sound that got the crowd warmed up well.

Next up was Dirty Passion a four piece heavy rock band from Sweden who gave a no–nonsense good old fashioned heads down rock performance which really could not be faulted.

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With the headline band renowned for their monster masks and theatrical props it was guaranteed that the Lordi show was one not to be missed and right from the off, when the band opened up with ’Nailed by the Hammer of Frankenstein’ from the new album and followed on with ‘This is Heavy Metal’ from the 2010 album ‘Babez for Breakfast’ we knew that it was going to be a great night.

The antics carried on for most of the performance with strange creatures entering the stage, two clowns throwing fake blood into the audience, dry ice being shot into the crowd and some confetti as well just for good measure. Concorde2 even had a bit of pyrotechnics for the night for Amen’s guitar solo ‘Amen’s Lament to Ra II’ …well Ok it wasn’t real pyro but a good substitute…

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Lordi played a whopping twenty one song set which did include their Eurovision winning song ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’ and the popular ‘Blood Red Sandman’. They finished with an encore of ‘Scare Force One’, ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ and ‘Would You Love a Monsterman’.

Lordi’s latest album ‘Scare Force One’ is out now.


Words by: Robert Sutton
Images by: Robert Sutton Photography

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