Lucie Barât interview

Coming from a family of musical history, Lucie Barât has had an incredible journey of acting and performing. At the young age of twentyone she finished Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, founding her own theatre company and acquired Dame Judy Dench as patron. Her success as lead singer with the Au Revoirs has come to a natural end and it is no wonder a woman with a multitude of talents would end up being signed for a solo career. The Au Revoirs were a part of her life that she looks fondly upon and in some ways gave her the push she needed to finally get her own music out there. “The Au Revoirs was mainly our guitarist, Cammy and I who started with The Fay Wrays. We were used to writing in a partnership, but his music tastes were very different to mine,” she said. “I am more about the lyrics. I consider myself more of a vocalist than a singer and I like to focus on cramming everything in.”

“Cammy was a guitarist who liked flowery riffs and the two of them don’t go together very well, so going solo for me just meant I could indulge myself in poetry.” Her new single Take Me Away is Lucie’s first official solo, which is out now. You can find spoken word somewhere in all her songs, a fact that really stems from her love of poetry. Her lyrics are hard-hitting and extremely relatable, which is what she tries to get across; she wants people to listen to her music and take something from it.

In May she brought out a teaser song for the start of going solo called The Uprising, which is about the indignation of society and is very much the ghost of what has happened this year. The music video is a visual treat, created by Callum Scott-Dyson, and is part animation and part live choreography. She explains that Take Me Away is sort of like a teen girl bursting to get out in the world, fantasizing about the future and being so certain about who you’re going be and where you’re going to go. Fast-forwarding to the future, being at a point thinking that maybe you don’t want to be waking up with a kebab stuck to your cheek every Saturday morning. “Hedonism can become tiring as can anything,” she said, Lucie has done supporting gigs for The Libertines who brought fame to her brother, Carl Barât, and has also attempted writing a duet with Pete Doherty but took the song back to complete for her new album as a solo artist.

It seems that a lot of her activities can become washed up in her family connections, so going solo seems to mean something to her individuality. “I found one article that I screen shot and sent to my brother. It said ‘Carl, brother of Lucie Barât’ which I found hilarious.” she said in jest, “It’s like when I was acting, I’ve been in over 50 performances, but everyone seems to focus on me playing the smallest part in the film Troy.” Lucie is a woman of thick skin and an inspiration to many aspiring musicians. She has walked down many paths and is not ashamed to admit that, like everyone in life, sometimes your destination can change, and it is okay to figure things out as you go. She decided early on that acting wasn’t what she expected, however she hasn’t given up.

Now she writes for film and TV and has been having meetings about writing a new Margret Atwood film, Author of The Handmaid’s tale. The music she writes also became recognized for being different and original rather than conforming to the mainstream sound. When asked about her own taste in music she said: “I listen to a lot of old dead women on record. I’ve got a record player and I don’t even have Spotify because it’s baffling. There’s so much on there! I just like flicking through my records so I can see who takes my fancy.” Her new album will be released next summer and it’s a six track EP. She believes nobody wants to hear more from a new artist and said she would rather do the old school six song set so she can start on some new material by the time her first album is out. She is also going to be doing gigs at the start of the new year, Supporting Lance James in January at The Borderline in London, and then back in Brighton for the spring. See for yourselves what she has to say in her music.

Image by Sophie Cook

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