Luo – Sleep Spindles Review

What started off as not much more than an alias for forward-thinking Brighton producer Josh Trinnaman, Luo has transcended into a four-piece musical display, set to make waves with their new release Sleep Spindles. Hard to place, but none the less enchanting, the debut album is a captivating mix of eerie, melodic sounds and electronic beats.

Part of the self-declared ‘music collective’ Small Pond recordings; a platform for up and coming artists that also boasts recording and rehearsal space in the heart of Brighton, Luo have grown from strength to strength, in both number and sound.

Mogwai meets Massive Attack, Luo’s Sleep Spindles is a hi-fi eclectic mix of live drums, electronic melodies, cut up vocal samples and chill vibes. Math Rock meets Drum and Bass with a little bit of Chillstep, the eleven track, experimental work of art is a little bit of a listening sensation.

Pretty much one entire track, the album flows together so perfectly that you hardly know where one song starts and the next one begins, only some very careful listening will determine where you stand. The album builds and declines over its course. The first single and third track on the release, Ebb and Flow marks the first buildup, resulting in a dramatic climax and leading into calmer waters with the aptly named Lucid Dreams. Tracks Octopus and Intertwined are also ones to listen out for, the hauntingly thrilling Octopus a stark difference to the jaunty, staccato sounds of Halve and Intertwined. The album’s final track Eidolon exudes a much calmer presence than the rest of the album, bringing you back down to earth after the wild ride you just experienced.

Sleep Spindles is one of those things you need to listen to in its entirety. The smooth movements between tracks and careful design of the sound to fit together so effortlessly makes it one of those things you need to dedicate yourself to, and believe me, you will.

Sleep Spindles will be released October 21st through Small Pond Recordings.
Luo play Sticky Mikes Frog Bar 21st October and 3rd December.

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