Magnetised by Tom Odell at the Brighton Centre

Tom Odell returns to the birthplace of his musical career for a frenzied performance.

On Friday, the 4th of November, British artist Tom Odell played at Brighton Centre for his 2016 European tour. Brighton marked the third stop of the tour which promotes his second studio album ‘Wrong Crowd’.
‘It’s good to be back,’ announced the 25-year old on stage, remembering the days where he studied at the Brighton Institute for Modern Music.
Newcomer Johnny Lloyd and Rag’n’Bone Man were the supporting acts of the night, but it was Rag’n’Bone Man who fired up the crowd with his new single ‘Human’. The singer impressed with his deep raspy, yet soothing voice and the unique mixture of soul, blues and rap elements in his music.
Main act Tom Odell opened the concert with the upsetting news that drummer Andy Burrows had dislocated his shoulder backstage and was unable to play. But this was a great chance for drummer technician Graham, who replaced the band member and turned into the secret star of the evening providing great talent for his very first concert.
Odell delivered an Elton John like entry with ‘Hold Me’ from his debut album ‘Long Way Down’, sitting in a ray of light at the grand piano and within minutes he had electrified the crowd through energetic interpretations of his new and old singles. With a sense of melancholy, Odell presented the ballad ‘Constellation’, an ode to Brighton and memories of the days when he played in the city’s pubs. The musician and his band managed to create bridges between emotional ballads and uplifting songs that turned the audience euphoric. Accompanied by a cheering and screaming crowd, the band gave a grand finale with the new albums most memorable song, ‘Magnetised’.
Tom Odell did not fail to engage with the audience and conveyed the impression of an approachable, down to earth artist. His voice and musical interpretations of old and new songs are evidence that he has grown as a musician since the release of his debut album.

Once again, he revealed his extraordinary musical talent on stage and left the crowd in awe.

Theresa Rappold

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