Map My City redraws Brighton

Stemming from a client’s desire for a massive high-resolution image of Western Europe, local creative designer and photographer Benedict Stenning developed a process to create stunning images of large areas. From here he began rendering his own graphic style maps, favouring the beauty of design over pure functionality. By removing certain elements and enhancing others, his work became more graphic in style, offering a highly visual work of art.

“It’s something that people enjoy,” Stenning says. “Everyone’s got a love affair with certain cities, whether it’s where they’re from, or they simply enjoyed a romantic break there.” Celebrating these places while capturing our hearts and imaginations, the Map My City art prints range covers places as diverse as Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo (a print of which is on display at Magazine Brighton). Now Brighton & Hove is the latest iconic place to have its unmistakable jumble of streets represented in the catalogue.

Printed onto high quality on Hanhnemüle Photo Rag paper, the maps highlight their subject’s features and landmarks, perfectly capturing the unique spirit of each city, whilst offering a new way to explore an integral part of our visual culture.

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