Maris & Otter

Brooklyn Bridge – the gateway to Manhattan from Brooklyn. Similarly, Western Road: the understated gateway for Brighton to Hove (or visa versa!) is becoming a hotspot for exciting new restaurant openings and gastronomic delights. From Archipelagos Gyros to Wendy’s, Shaake to Little Paris House, there’s certainly something for everyone. Brighton is rich in its diversity and Western Road is no exception to that rule. Maris and Otter sits proudly in the hub of the Western Road action, offering a warm and cosy interior and generous outdoor seating options to enjoy some people watching. Communal tables and benches adorn the perimeter of Maris and Otter, creating an almost Parisian and community-focused outdoor dining experience whilst staff generously welcome patrons with pride and encourage “buddying” up to create a special social atmosphere.

Maris and Otter, formerly Revelator, has undergone a tasteful and cosy renovation. Think wooden beams, plush cushions, tartan carpets and local art. Equally, the well-presented staff and warm and friendly atmosphere they create further enhance their offering. Gem, proudly representing Maris and Otter, warmly greeted us with a drink menu. Usual classics were available, including a Cosmopolitan (£8), Mojito (£8) and Espresso Martini (£10). In addition to these, Maris and Otter added their own unique flare to the menu; Otter Fizz (£9, a concoction of gin, prosecco and bitter lemon) was delicious, as was the Flat White Martini, made with Blue Mountain Coffee, Baileys and Vodka (£10). 

If cocktails aren’t your thing, there are plenty of European wines available by the glass or bottle, as well as Harvey’s Brewery Ales and alternative International Beers and Spirits. Even more so, check Maris and Otter out after 8pm on a Friday or Saturday night and enjoy 2-4-1 cocktails!

Once the drinks were savoured and complete, it was time for the main event: the food. Myself and my patron couldn’t pick, so with the help of a VERY hungry stomach and bespoke recommendations by Gem, we were finally ready. To share, we opted for the loaded skin-on-fries (£5) with crispy onions, gherkins, ketchup and mustard as well as the Breaded Goats Cheese (£6.50) and Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower (£6). 

Each dish was absolutely delicious and more than hit the spot, but our personal favourite was the fried Goats Cheese – then again, who doesn’t like fried cheese? For mains, we opted for the Vegan Hot Dog (£11.50) laced with crispy onions, mayonnaise and ketchup. The bun was soft and pillowy and my guest commented on the elegant texture of the vegan sausage – not always easy to achieve. Personally, I went for the build-your-own-burger, a fun and playful experience where you can be a kid in a sweetshop and enjoy a variety of classic and quirky toppings, from sauerkraut to ‘otter burger sauce’ (signature sauce!), salted tortillas to vegan gouda! The perfectly cooked burger was encased in a robust yet soft toasted bun and they were VERY generous with the toppings – I recommend getting a fried egg on top for extra indulgence!

Every Wednesday, Maris and Otter host a quiz night from 8pm with a stand-up comedian which comes highly recommended and is a fun way to get over “hump day”! I was very impressed by this venue and there really is something for everyone here, so whether you’re looking for an indulgent meal, a quick snack or a pint of real bitter, you’ll be sure to enjoy this exciting new opening. Go check them out!

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