Matt Corby plays Worthing’s Pavilion Theatre

The wonder from down under

Matt Corby is gearing up to release his debut album, ‘Telluric’, on Fri 11 March. After a stint on American Idol in 2007 and releasing EPs from as early as 2009, Corby took a two-year hiatus to find himself and hone his musical skills. Now he’s back and ready to release his first full-length record and go on his biggest headlining UK tour to date.

At a time where music has become saturated by slick computer based production, Corby has decided to take a step back for a more natural and authentic approach. This is most evident on ‘Monday’, the first single from ‘Telluric’ composed of only Corby’s vocals, hand claps and foot stomps. Corby put more work into this release than any of his previous EPs, taking the time to learn to play a variety of instruments in order to create his desired sound. “I spent a couple of years figuring out how to play most instruments myself,” he says. “I wanted to get my skill level to a point where I could play the things that I heard in my head”.

This desire to create a particular sound shouldn’t come as a shock. Corby recorded and scrapped an entire album before his hiatus, unhappy with how the final product sounded. “I think without that experience I wouldn’t have made this record the way that it is. It was a living lesson.” If you want to see what goes into making a Corby record these days, look no further than his social media pages where he has been posting clips of recording sessions in the lead up to the release of ‘Telluric’.

Although Corby’s newfound musical skills have allowed him to become self-sufficient, he’s still accompanied by a band on ‘Telluric’, the same band that has been and will be accompanying him on tour over the next few months. Having five additional bodies on stage means Corby can focus on singing, and he’s backed by people that helped create his album’s unique sound. His appreciation of his band and his fans is evident, “I’m really thankful everyday that you know people are interested enough to even come down to a show when we put one on.” His appreciation doesn’t go unnoticed, there are upcoming shows across Europe (including London’s Roundhouse) that are sold out already. Being on the road with a group that has backed him for years is Corby’s favourite thing about touring. He says, “it’s better to build a community than to just have the best jammers out there.”

And what can fans expect from Corby’s upcoming shows? He’s just out to bring good music to an audience and have a good time. There may be a few instances where he does groove on an instrument, but he maintains that he wants to focus on the singing and any challenges that some along with it. “I’ve made [some songs] quite hard to sing, which is like a real fun challenge,” he laughs.

Matt Corby plays Worthing’s Pavilion Theatre on Mon 14 March. His debut album ‘Telluric’ is released Fri 11 March.

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