MEATliquor: London Road calling

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MEATliquor Brighton is an impressive eatery dressed with a bucket-full of the city’s unique charm, bringing a taste of the capital to our seaside town.

Alongside taste sensations such as the ‘Dead Hippie’ burger, to-die-for chilli cheese fries and any sides you can think of, MEATliquor Brighton also serves up a delicious range of fried shrimp and some neat vegetarian options. These can be served with buckets of ice-cold beer, whiskies for all tastes and plenty of luscious cocktails including the Red Snapper, crafted by Soulshakers. You can even grab a good old-fashioned ice cream shake.

Designed by interior architects Shed, the London Road restaurant draws inspiration from Brighton’s lurid history, bringing all the controlled anarchy of its London sites to the city. This atmospheric uniquely themed joint is a showcase of mixing cages, intricate patterns, fantastical illustrations, obscure seaside personas, luminous clowns and neon flamingos behind its tinted windows. It is like nothing else in the city. Part rock ‘n’ roll hangout and part cocktail bar paradise, this restaurant is contemporary and exciting, with a menu to match.

The first establishment to truly embrace the new attitude of this revitalised quarter of Brighton, MEATliquor might be edgy and urban but its welcoming staff, amazing food and inspired décor will give you an evening like no other…

Words by Stuart Rolt

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