Find Medlar Preserves on Gardner Street

Medlar Marmalade Festival Jan-March

Mmm! Medlar Marmalade Month.

Celebrating the tradition of winter Marmalade making, the sweet scent of oranges will fill the Medlar Preserves kitchen and shop in Brighton’s lanes as the Seville Orange season hits its peak from the 11 Jan.

The deliciously zesty delight became popular in Britain in the 17th century as citrus fruits first became plentiful and here in Brighton it’s almost certain that the King George IV definitely savoured fine Marmalades at the Royal Pavilion.

Medlar Preserves is celebrating this wonderful tradition in the Medlar Marmalade Festival from Wednesday 11th Jan to 5th March by making small batch marmalades and preserves using the finest ingredients from Seville.

You can also escape the hustle and bustle of Gardner Street in the bespoke cafe lounge area. A space to relax and unwind and try some gorgeous artisan coffee and treats.

Pop in the shop for all the best seasonal products, beautifully preserved
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