Meets LADSCLUB, the pop duo releasing their new single this Pride weekend

Meet Brighton-based husband duo, Greg & Ed, who make up the pop act LADSCLUB. Their new single FINEWINE was originally released at the end of May. However, DJ DirtyHands got a hold of the tune, created a remix, and this part 2 to FINEWINE will be released on the eve of Brighton Pride. 

Despite knowing each other for over seventeen years, the duo only began making music at the start of this year. They now have three singles under their belt, and are all geared up to release their first EP. New remixed by DJ/Remixer DirtyHands will also appear on this EP. 

We asked LADSCLUB to tell us a little bit more…

What made you decide to start making music together? 

Greg: We’ve always loved music, and Ed has actually released stuff before. I always dreamed of making music but just didn’t know where to start as I don’t play any instruments. I came up with the concept and lyrics and we just co-produced it together on a MacBook. That’s how we have continued to work. It’s very organic! 

Ed: Greg had a concept and we just sat down together to see what would happen . I wasn’t totally sure if it would work or not but  it came together quite naturally and DISCOPRANCING was born from our first session.

How did you come up with the name LADSCLUB?

Greg: We wanted something cheeky, memorable and ironic – and also, all of the others we wanted were taken! 

Ed: We had a few good contenders but we both adore the name now and the music just fits it perfectly!

How would you describe the genre of your music? 

Greg: Er…Dirty DIY electro pop. Is that a genre? 

Ed: Dancepopdisco!

Who are your musical influences? 

Greg: I’d say Peaches, Pet Shop Boys and Madonna. 90’s dance has always been a favourite genre of ours so we are undoubtedly influenced by that! 

Ed: so many !! I’d say Dance music has always been a huge passion of mine , but huge pop fan too obsessed with Tia Kofi and Bright Light Bright Light

What has working with DirtyHands been like, and do you hope to have future musical collaborations with other DJs and artists? 

Greg: That was an absolute DREAM! Honestly, he has done such a good job extending the track, 80’s style, and we definitely want to work with him again. Also, it would be a dream to work with a producer called Frankmusik who we both love – and, of course, Peaches! She’s pure filth. 

Ed: I have always wanted someone to remix my own material so having an extended and a dub of a track we wrote is just absolutely amazing and DirtyHands has been such a joy to work with.

Why did August 4th feel like the ideal date to release your EP? 

Greg: We wanted to drop something special for Pride and this remix was ready on time so it was a no-brainer really! We love Brighton Pride and wanted to release something that people could play at the street parties, loud and proud!

What do you love most about Brighton Pride? 

Greg: The way it brings the entire city together is just magnificent to see. We love watching the parade – in fact we are marching on it this year! Look out for us. 

Ed: I love the pride looks , so many different and fabulous styles ! I can’t wait to show off what I’m wearing !

What does the future hold for LADSCLUB?

Greg: Well we are halfway through recording an album and really happy with the results so far. So hopefully we can get that out soon but we don’t want to rush it. If there’s a demand for it then maybe some live PA’s,  let’s wait and see! 

Ed: The album is going to keep us busy now , but we would also love to make some videos for our singles and I would also love to get some more remixes out there too . The dream would be to get our album out physically too! 

Greg: if there are any aspiring music video makers reading this, please get in touch!

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