Melting Vinyl presents a Roxanne de Bastion live stream at 8.30pm on Thurs 14 May 2020, as part of her revolutionary virtual live tour

Melting Vinyl streams Roxanne De Bastion show

Emerging artist Roxanne De Bastion is embarking on a virtual tour over seven consecutive days, to celebrate the release of her Bernard Butler-produced new single, Erase. Each night of the tour, Roxanne de Bastion will play a live stream show from her home on the venue’s / promoter’s social media channels. Fans will be able to donate via the artist’s PayPal account.

On Thurs 14 May, Roxanne will be coming to Brighton, and taking over Melting Vinyl’s Facebook and Instagram pages for a special streamed performance as part of this revolutionary virtual tour. The London-based singer/songwriter has teamed up with independent venues and promoters across the country. “I’m really excited to have found a way to continue working together with independent venues and promoters and hope this will be mutually beneficial,” says Roxanne. “I’m looking forward to introducing my music to new audiences and will try and treat it as much as a proper show as possible. Expect a mix of brand-new songs, as well as material off my 2017 Heirlooms & Hearsay album.

Roxanne de Bastion’s new single Erase is set for release on Weds 6 May. Melodic and beautifully sung as ever, with its primal drums and epic, dramatic strings, it is darker in tone and delivery than her previous work, showcasing her ambitious new sonic scope. It can be interpreted both on an interpersonal as well as a political level. The lyrics are a passionate outcry against attempts to rewrite history. Unimpressed with the subjects’ ineptitude and inaction, de Bastion proclaims: “you cannot erase it, take it back, extract it from all memory”.

Already a live favourite, Erase is a statement of intent and an exciting first taste of Roxanne’s collaboration with legendary producer Bernard Butler. On working with the revered guitarist, Roxanne cites the 1960s sensibility of his arrangements as a huge draw creatively. “I was blown away when he played me his idea for the string arrangement on this track and was really humbled at how enthusiastic he was about the song,” she says. “I love listening to those strings, it’s cathartic how they fall and find their way from chaos to calm. I’m so excited to share this track…and there’ll be more to come after that!”

Melting Vinyl Presents the Roxanne de Bastion live stream at 8.30pm on Thurs 14 May 2020. Pay what you want via Paypal transfer to

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